Monday, November 27, 2006

Award time

Some time in 2005, I did an entry (sadly it has been deleted) to acknowledge the people that have made great impact in my life. Same this year, I'm going to list the names of people I know (or yet to know better)who have in a way or another helped me get through 2006. Although we still have another month plus to go, I decided to make the announcement now so that you all can brag about it the whole of December, hahahahah....

Category: Somebody who successfully made me clean the toilet 3 times weekly.
Winner: My son Waz1f

Category: Somebody who successfully made me go to the gym 3 times weekly and burn
at least 600kCal persession.
Winner: Mrs. M (not agent M from Jeybon movie, ok)

Category: Somebody who made me realise I need to buy a convection oven and start baking cookies.
Shared winner: Ku_E and DillaZaghlol

Category: Somebody who inspired me to start giving something to the society.
Winner: Spain.

Category: Somebody who inspired me to start planning on going on my own (read: bukak bisness sendiri okay, bukannya jadik solo).
Winner: Leyman

Category: Somebody who proved that friendship can last very long.
Winner: Deqnon (winner for 2 consecutive years).

Category: Somebody who inspired me that life can always be beautiful (it's up to how you view life itself).
Winner: The pourtavie angels (kongsi hadiah ye.... jangan gaduh-gaduh) and all the beautiful people linked from my blog.

Category: Somebody who inspired me to keep up with the current issues but not neglecting my carrier and family.
Winner: Mr. Hubby (yang selalu forward all those links to political weblogs)

Category: Somebody who made me realise that we should never settle for anything less.
Winner: Jade

Category: Somebody who proved that good men do exist.
Winner: Mr. One In A Million a.k.a Alien's hubby... *wink*

Category: Somebody who kept on telling me again and again that everybody deserves to be treated well.
Winner: W1naz

Category: Somebody who helped me realise my true self and strengths.
Winner: Wolf

Category: Somebody who's always been good company thru good and bad times (physically and virtually - YM sessions included)
Winner: Pemenang bersama ---> Alien, Queen, Jade, Jue, Guess499

Grand Category: Somebody who gets me going till now.
Grand winner: My beloved mummy.

Prices will be announced soon.

Organizer's note: Keputusan pengadil adalah muktamad. Sebarang kemusykilan akan direject.


dillazag said...

Thank you. Thank you. Sebenarnya kemenangan ini sungguh tak disangka. Thank you to the organizer.. Satu soalan, bila nak dapat hadiah? :)

Anonymous said...

Terima Kasih, banyak banyak.
Kita Angels semua berlibas-libas kepak tanda kegembiraan.....

And yes..... bila nak dapat hadiah yek?

ku E said...

hehe... 2 categories lagik tu... lol ;)

kimi azhan said...

Dee... for the same reason, i love you too! May Allah bless you always!

Pourtavie angels - I miss you all..

DNAS said...

ni i tengah pening2 kepala dok pikir apa ke prizes nya sebab I tulis kat entry ni 'prices'... hee heee... So, adakah mungkin 'the winners will have to pay the prices for winning?' ataupun, 'the prizes will be given out to the winners?' hmmmm.... saya telah mengkonfiuskan diri saya sendiri...

jangan langgar kepak I, ok.... baru tadi pegi buat sauna kepak... :)

takde ucapan ke? Jangan tiru CT Nurhaliza punya standard winning speech udahle.... I pun dah hafal dah.

you love me? Oh thank you! Thank you! You just chased my blues away...