Friday, December 22, 2006

Demoralized by this BETA release.

They claimed it's no more BETA, yet I'm still facing a few annoying issues managing this blog.
So, I decided to put my pictures at my Friendster Account.
The URL is:

You can view all my photo albums, I list them on the right hand side column.

I also rant about my ceaseless dream to become a house-wife-writer in my Friendster blog. So, if you're not interested in knowing about the progress of my 'angan-angan tinggi melangit' tu, you can just ignore the entries lah... hahahahah. But if you love and care for me, and would like to see me become a successful author in the future, you support is very much appreciated (be it in the form of monetory or moral).


jade said...

alaaa... kat mimosa pudica tak bley bukak friendster blog laa... :-p

nasib baik blogger still ok... YM pun tak bley. meebo pun kene block!!

kimi azhan said...

Dee, teruk sgt ke? Hmm..kesiannye..

kimi azhan said...

Dee... dah baca your friendster.. tapi i ni tak tahu camne nak tinggalkan komen kat situ.. so here's my comment...
1. you should start to write your tech book pasal guide to trouble shooting too... i think you can do it.
2. I minat kereta you... cantik you posing! Tapi errr.... selipar tu tak kena aaaa.... pakai le high heels & dress, jelita sket! Macam gadis-2 kat "roda impian" tu..

Cosmic_GurL said... sure ud be an excellent writer one day..ure already one now! :)

DNAS said...

org2 kat MIMOSa Pudica sume keje, diorang tak ngular kat cyberspace. Kita ni sume kuat ngular, sebab tu sangat productive... hee hee hee.

makasih... makasih.. selipar tu dah tak berkhidmat lagi dah.. sekarang ni kasut/sandal I sume lebih daripada 2.5 inci punya..

cosmic gurl,
tengkiu.... long time no hear lah, you...