Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Internet sucks.. againnnnnn

Hello people,
it's that time of the year again.

The sales groups are busy chasing numbers, the deployment people are busy completing deliverables while the support and administrative people are busy taking leaves.

If it's the same scenario in all IT organizations, then no wonder the internet connection sucks so much today.

I have lots of photos to upload, but the loading keep on failing.... chissss....!!


Leilanie said...


you are absolutely right.

The thing is..... if a lot of people are busy chasing sales, completing deliverable, or are on leave, pesal company punya internet is slow?

Bukankah it should be faster for us at the office?

Or the entire system in the whole world wide web of Malaysia is slow because orang dok mengekses dari rumah?

Cuba explain sikit.....

Cause, my internet kat office pun sooooo slow and tak terdownload photo-photo.

Nak post comment pun lembab....

kimi azhan said...

Lanie, rasa I le, most likely org access dari rumah.. sebab tu slow.. maklum semua pakai streamyx... tah, Dee cuba komen sket pasal technical nih.

tapi memang I sedih coz semua org bantai cuti la ni, and i kena attend course sampai fri nih! Ingat nak cuti next week... tapi calendar dah penuh... sarat dgn due date.. camna tuh?? can kiss good bye to "year end shopping" ler..

DNAS said...

when so many people are on leave, that means there are less people manning the infrastructure, thus whenever there is a technical glitch, performance issue etc... the problem is not being tackled immediately. There will also be cases where the infrastructure is not being monitored closely due to manpower shortage during this period.

I hope people who are taking leaves spend more time outdoor or with the family and not glued to the computer doing office work. No, I don't think those accessing from home are congesting the bandwidth, unless most Malaysians decided to download their favorite musics, TV series or movies during holidays lah...
U tak sempat shopping lagi? I pun belum....