Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lazying Around

If you've seen Kimi's beautiful mini landscape and Lanie's soon-to-be really pretty garden, you'd realize that mine deperately need a lot of attention and possibly a major face uplift. So, before I write about my recent holiday, let's just spend a few seconds pitying my pathetic garden... hee hee. Well this is what happens after a year of negligence. Garden, it's not that I don't love you, it's just me. I know this is all my fault, I haven't been paying much attention you deserve. I've been too busy with all my coffee and pasta sessions, not to mention the hours I now spend in the gym. We used to spend so much time together, garden. With the hoe and the spade, not to forget those fertilizers I bought in the nearest supermarket. I still couldn't find out the best ratio of NPK for you all dear potted plants in my garden. Please forgive me, I was born heartless towards plants and animals... hee hee...

So, shall we start a new chapter, you and me, my garden? I promise I will improve your soil quality, even if it takes a one tonne lorry to carry new soil here. I've even got three new pots of Cameron Highland mini roses to join the rest of the plants. I will also get rid of that ugly looking blue plastic bag containing concrete from the previous pest-control exercise. I hope you still love me dear garden, because I really care for you.... :)

So, we went off for a 3 days' of lazying around in Cameron Highlands. We stayed at the Smokehouse. I just remembered that Cameron Highlands is in the state of Pahang, yet that was only the second time I've been there (I'm from Pahang, ok... but my kampung is like the other side of the world from Cameron). The first time was way back in 1995! Hmm.. I should be doing more Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Next holidays I should go to Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, Tioman, some places in Sabah and Sarawak.
I like this black painted door. This picture reminds me of some windows wallpaper, don't you think so? Only in that wallpaper, the door is blue.
So basically we did nothing in Cameron. We just had tea, ate scones followed by more tea, shortbread, choc chip cookies and drove around. We also saw some very affordable rooms/apartments at the homestay area. I was thinking of having a weekend getaway with my whole family sometime in the near future.

This is the front view of Smokehouse. You've probably seen this in hundreds of the tourism webpages. The flowers are more beautiful in real life, I don't know why flowers can be un-photogenic. Maybe it's my phone camera. Hmmm... wait, I have this photo taken using my hubby's Nikon. Let me compare later.
Well enough of 3 days of doing nothing, now back at work, still feeling very lazy though. :)


Leilanie said...

I so lurve the Old Smokehouse.
How much did you spend in a room?
Mahal, I know.
The last time we were there in 2004, we had Christmas Dinner and RM600 flew out the window (or rather flushed into the toilet!).

Gardening...... we should go pokok shopping at Sg. Buloh, kan....; we both have a lot to do.
hee hee.

DNAS said...

we booked a suite for 4 people. RM600 per night, including breakfast. Anyway, English decor is just not for me lah, I felt lemas and rimas with all the flowery sofa and four poster bed. So, I'd better stick to modern minimalis for my house. I have no idea why I love roses, ok... still couldn't explain that part.
Bila nak pegi beli bunga bagitau le I.

awinz the queen said...

bila nak datang sg buloh bagitau le....

more picture on ur trip pls kakak....


Dee... cameron memang best kan! The last time I pegi pun I makan scones & tea jugak.. But I prefer duduk Strawberry park, coz I suka dia punya buffet dinner.

Yeah, kalau baru balik cuti tu rasa berat je nak kerja.. I selalu rasa badan I jadi macam Garfield lepas cuti panjang! hehehe..

DNAS said...

check kat my friendster's photo album.

ok, next time pegi sana I think I'll either stay at Strawberry Park or one of the homestays dekat Kg. Tmn. Sedia tu.