Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am officially a Solution Specialist

Well, here's another selingan before I can proceed with the third episode of He'sStory. I just have got to write on this now because it's such a big news.

Remember all those postings where I ranted and whined about my job scope? Well, with this year's structural re-alignment and transformation my career will probably be like 'A story re-written'.

Firstly, I know my managers were having a hard time planning and evaluating me. This is not the case of 'masuk lift tekan butang sendiri', but having been in their positions (previously, in another company) I can understand why they are uncertain on what to put on my plate. To simplify the problem statement, they don't quite know what to do to a resource that's having Consulting Capability in the position of a project engineer.

There have been discussions and plannings and even re-defining my roles. My ex-manager is now having a problem to complete my appraisal due to so many reasons. He even admitted to me that mine is the most difficult appraisal he ever had to do, whatever that means. I was about to offer some help, but then it occured to me that it wouldn't be fair, right? (To help him do my own appraisal, then help him decide how much I should get ... hahahah).

So, yesterday I received my new name cards and I was so surprised to see my Job Title there. I was expecting to see 'System Engineer' written right there underneath my name, but it was 'Solution Specialist' being printed. When I emailed my new manager and the secretaries, they confirmed that that's my new Job Title.

Well, having that 'Specialist' word appended to any Job Title is a big news, as I already knew what will take place next. Yeah, and I really hate it when I was so right. My new manager called me for a lengthy discussion on 'adding' some minor roles into my job scope. Hehehehe... wouldn't it be good if I get to enjoy the glamour of that new title for a few days before he relayed me that news. :)

Anyway, the new roles and responsibilities are not that complicated as I've done them all some time ago. Now I really feel like some chapters of my career life are about to be re-written, with almost the same plot, backdrop but probably with different twists and climaxes.

First thing I should do next is to complete He'sStory Chapter Three, and then change this blog name. Well, I know none of them is work related... hahahahah, but I can still put those tasks in my monthly timesheet, right? Need to make sure my billable hours meet the required percentage.

Have a peaceful but happening Thaipusam and Hari Wilayah holiday, folks! If you're feeling down, buy a potted plants and put it on your work station.

Updated on 6th February, 2007:
Appraisal dah siap and as expected memang cukup makan je sebab billable time tak cukup. Pastu time management very bad. Susah jugak nak explain sebab memang billable hours tak banyak sebab keje cepat siap. Dah cakap aku ni terlebih efficient, semua orang taknak percaya... heheheh. Whatever lah, janji tiap-tiap bulan ada duit nak bayar hutang.


Lizz said...

Hi Dnaz,

Congrats!Glad to know that they've finally rewarded u.Anyway,plz continue with the story yea ;)

D.N.A.S said...

Well.... Lizz, I don't consider that as a reward because there is no salary revision that comes with the structural re-alignment. I am kinda glad because my scope is now wider than last year's. Meaning that, I can be more creative with these new challenges. My appraisal is coming up soon... pray for me, okay? Thanks dear...

Dilla said...

Kak Dayang, I hope you do get the salary increment anyhow.. :) Amboi amboi.... Specialist gitu.. ;)

lepas ni nampaknya kena update link you to DNAS,The Demoralized SS

Queens City said...

yo madam specialist...

tak sabar nye nak tunggu hasil appraisal ekkk....uuuuuu....i lurrrrveeeeee aiskrimmmmmmm...kekekekeke hint!hint! muahahahahahahaha

Guess499 said...

Congrat! keep up the good work.

Jade said...

i love eshkrem tooooo....

nikfarizah said...

wooww....and congratulations! 'Solution Specialist' sounds so shouldn't be demoralized anymore!!

D.N.A.S said...

maybe not demoralized.... just demotivated as always... Best tak Dubai?

aiskrim? Maybe end of the month le kot.

makasih.... ada jugak org kata aku 'good work'. Sebenarnya aku selalu mengular, tapi efisyen...

kau bukan diet ke? boleh makan aiskrim potong je.

ye betul. Saya tidak demoralized lagi... hee hee.... Turning over a new leaf.