Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Most Hated Email

It was only yesterday I was smiling endlessly thinking of 2007, how it's going to be another wonderful year. I have made plans and resolutions, lots of them. They include, more gardening, healthier eating, getting a fitness instructor, quality hours at the gym, be more pro-active in my daily life, take better care of the family (especially the husband... hee hee hee). Then, this morning I was greeted by this email from HR. It really spoiled my new year mood. *Sigh*

From: adalahsorangminah@hr

Re: Overpayment of outstation claim for Dec 06

Dear Mrs. Dee,

Please check your Nov and Dec payslip.
Take note of the " TRAVEL" amount.
The same amount will appear in both months.
This is because the amount paid in Nov was updated again in the listing to HR for Dec payroll.

However, the payment need to be recovered from you by these options..
To pay back immediately by cash or chq..
OR the amount to be deducted thru Jan 07 payroll.

Total amount paid in Dec 06 = RM 374.30
Amount to be recovered = RM 374.30

Best regards,
Minah HR

So, I'm now poorer by RM374.30, and I have spent that money to pay for my Credit Cards yesterday. I hope this is not a bad sign for my financial state in 2007. Still praying and hoping for good increment coming in February. Although we already know that there's no bonus for this year, but I'm still hoping to get anything like performance bonus etc. Meanwhile, bye bye new haircut. Tsk tsk tsk....


ku E said...

hey Dee,

its a new year already. cheer up baby! ;)

p/s something spoiled me too, to welcome the new year. but i kept it in my heart. well maybe i'll post about it in my blog if i don't think i can't keep it no more lol...

DNAS said...

i think, the more I blog, the more my life is becoming like an open book. Anyway, I think it's healthy as I don't bottle up my feelings anymore. So, as long as I don't receive any personal attacks from my readers, I think blogging will help me achieve a lot of things in life.
Hope your new year gets better.

jade said...

ecemen... tak per la kak yang. think positively, at lest your CC bill is shorter by that amount! ;-)

kimi azhan said...

Dee... I amat-2 memahami... I pernah kena "amount to be recovered" case ni like 10x the amount of yours... gara-2 org account punya salah... nasib baik i beringat, tunggu je dia mintak balik...bengang kan!

DNAS said...

positif dalam bengang hahahah... so jadilah saya dalam situasi yang sangat po-ngang....Isy... po-ngang betul aku dengan HR ni... buat kerja sambil berangan agaknya.

last year pun I kena sekali. Masa tu diorang masukkan performance bonus untuk the whole team kat dalam my April payroll. Imagine that... 6 orang punya bonus dapat kat I... hahahahahah. Lepas tu bulan June kena bayar balik... nak menangis gak makcik dibuatnya.