Thursday, February 08, 2007

Let's Learn Something New....

How I wish this place is somewhere in Malaysia....

I know it's scorching hot out there, I pity those who had to drive under the merciless sun. As for me, this week I'm spending a few days in a foreign bank's data center that feels more like New Zealand (like I've been to NZ... LoL).

Working in data centers has always been really peaceful, far from the forever-depressed account managers and psychophatic pre-sales people... it's just that it's really boring. Nobody to talk to, nothing to bitch about and nobody I could boss around. I've been nagging at the servers and the tape drives and even the equipment rack especially on unresolved errors.

Come to think of it this is much better than spending a straight 10-hours boardroom session. Once I am done with all the required hardware config, I could just pack my things and leave and usually nobody would dare to call me to come back to the office. The culture here is somehow rather relaxed and at times I feel complacent, but not guilty due to the complacency. Hmmm... is this one way of telling myself that it's still okay to not getting flying colors during appraisals? Hee hee...

I've been wearing this boring expression on my face for days.

Well, the actual fact is that I'm bored... so bored I started creating modern terminologies and abbreviations. So, here we go:

1. sugar-coated idiots: The beautiful girls hired by your bosses who basically know nothing related to work, and would complain endlessly once they receive any task, even the tiniest task.. e.g staple two pieces of official documents together.
Sample sentence you can construct using this new term:
I stood in awe looking with raised brows at the sugar-coated idiot who was in tears after the stapler fell on the floor before she could staple the document.

2. Cow'sLow: That almost handsome looking young man who has been showing interest in you, but until now (let's say, after 3 goddamn years) still hasn't make any move.(read carefully: Cow'sLow = Kau SLOW).
Sample sentence: She swore she'd never get into a relationship with any Cow'sLow type of man in this town anymore.

3. legit-bastards: That man, whom you think is THE one, but he tends to show a lot of commitment freak's syndromes. One day he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, the next day he says he's still not ready to lose his singlehood and freedom.
Sample sentence: If I knew he's a legit-bastards, I'd never date him in the first place.

4. over-dumped: Girls (man also can) who have been dumped for too many times.
Sample sentence: She's just had it with men, due to her over-dumped condition she decided to become a nun and live in celibacy for the rest of her life.

5. over-done: Girls (man also can) who have been f**ked too many times by countless men.
Sample sentence: Being a GRO doesn't mean she's one of those over-done girls.

6. s.d.s : Sleep deprievation syndrome. You'll get this after working a week of night shift.

7. p.d.s : Phone deprievation syndrome. I usually get this when I had to surrender my phone to the Police before I can enter their data center.

8. x.d.s : Sex deprievation syndrome. You go figure!

9. c.d.s : Chat deprievation syndrome. I get this when I have access to the internet, but I can't chat.

10. b.d.s : Blogging deprievation syndrome. I got this when the undersea fiber in Korea was damaged during a recent major earthquake there.

Okay, enough lessons for today children. Get back to your work....

P/s: I will give the full description of each syndrome (point 6 - 10) once I'm done with the research. Hey, I could get a phD for this assignment. (phD = perasaan hangat demam).


Nour said...

ooh I so like the new terminology - sugar coated idiots...I see them all the time :P

Jade said...

legit-bastards: .... to lose his current coupledom that is doomed(?).

psst.. like someone we know... hehe..

D.N.A.S said...

trust me... bosses think alike... They thought, sex sells... but then for us who have to work with the sugar-coated idiots, it's a living hell.

yeah lah, I just realised... but then... no offence aaaa...

UglyButAdorable said...

totally agre with nour - sugar coated idiot memang kelasss...

and i've been in b.d.s for months due to my so call old workplace give IE access to certain parties and others have to use freaking lotus notes!!!

can u like create a term for jerks who just wants ladies in their crib before making any commitment..damn these people!!!

Queens City said...


suka! suka! suka!

Leilanie said...

I like Cow'slow.
It's so original.
So funny.....

errr... like deja vu, gitu.
hee hee hee

Queens City said...

ye ye...CowSlow pun best...

ermmm...kak yang kenal tak CowSlow yang paling Slow?

tapi la ni dah kawin...pakai civic baru lagi skang ni...muahahahaha

kimi azhan said...

Dee, terhibur I baca your entry nih... hilang pening kepala buat mid term exam!

terms tu semua ... you're a genius!

D.N.A.S said...

agak2 kalau kita gelar those guys
pig-moron crossbred, okay tak?
Contoh ayat:
My friends who have been pig-moron crossbred victims learned the hard way that most men would use love, money and power just to get sex, while most women would use sex to get power, money and love.

apa yg Deja Vu tu? I wonder... hihihi

oh dah tukar keta rupanya... hehehe. Nanti nak pegi test drive keta dia lah... hahahah. (padahal hari-hari aku boleh drive keta tu..)

you tengah exam ke? Good luck, break a leg!

Angel Eyes said...

legit-bastards is the best so far

D.N.A.S said...

legit-bastard tu kiranya sekarang ni a very common species yang boleh dijumpai berlambak-lambak di tepi jalan, kan... kan?

Zetty said...

ahahahaha, gelak-gelak makcik baca bab sugar coated tu. couldnt agree with u more hahahhaa.