Monday, March 12, 2007

Sue's Wedding, and I think I owe Ahmad 1zham an apology....

Yesterday, 11th March 07 was another historical date for a friend. She got married!! Yeay! It was quite a drama, the past month. The most critical period for any couple who is getting married, is the last month of engagement.

So, my friend (and colleague) Sue, had chicken pox about 2 weeks ago (that was less than 14 days before the big day!!), I heard she cried when she realized she got it. When I saw her last week, she had a huge CP scar on her right forehead. We all felt sad for her.
Then, if that was not enough, the hall she booked for the reception suddenly doubled their rate just because it was school holidays, and it's too much in demand. Luckily her mom's place was big enough for the khenduri.

Some of Sue's wedding pictures can be found at my MSN space.

As for Ahmad 1zham, well, he didn't have anything to do with Sue's wedding. It's just that I heard an interview with him this morning on H0t.FM. Remember how Malaysians were so sceptical of 'that' TV station producing programmes taken from the States? Programmes like Malays1an Idol, now that dancing thing and later on will be Pr0ject Runway? I was one of those Malaysians who used to make remarks like 'Apasal asyik nak ambik sebijik-sebijik program luar ni?'

The DJs asked Ahmad 1zham the same question this morning. Upon hearing his answers, I suddenly realised that it was actually what we have been calling T.O.T (an IT terminology commonly used for knowledge transfer). T.O.T is the abbreviation for Transfer Of Technology. Little that I know that when a TV station produce a program by taking a concept from another TV station, it is almost like that franchise thingy. The local TV station's crew went abroad to be trained by the actual people who produced the program i.e Amer1can Id0l.

In 2006 there was no Malays1an Id0l, but the same local crew produced OIAM and What Women Want. I didn't watch both, so I am in no position to compare them, but from my readings, the local crew did the 2 reality programmes successfully.

That's why I owe Ahmad 1zham an apology. At least that TV station has managed to bring their employees' skills and technical know-how to a higher level. Yeah, I'm just another typical Malaysian. I like to speculate, presume a lot, easily lose my temper, then complaint, complaint and complaint.... heheheheh (but, sometimes that made me feel goooooooooood).

Updated on 15:16 (after a really heavy Japanese lunch with Emily).
Thanks to Jade and Sheryl, I found this Virtual DNA profile:


cikPijah said...

alahaii.. kesiannyerr.. thanks god for mekaps kann? she looks beautiful like all other brides on their wedding day no less.

D.N.A.S said...

Cik P,
the Mak Andam memang power, I tell you. Satu parut pun tak nampak...