Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stupidity kills the pussycat

Guess where I am?

- office?
- customer's place?
- gym?
- Starbucks?
- Alamanda?
- Taman Tasik Shah Alam?

Naaayyyyyy ... your answers are all wrong!

I'm at home, faking sick and hating myself.
Well, OK, yes maybe I have been feeling rather sick since last night, I had stomach cramps again (the ever un-curable period pain). I knew I should've stick to that herbal sanitary pad, why oh why I bought another brand? Anyway, that decision was not stupid enough to make me wanna cry and bang my head on the wall at the same time.

If stupidity has a scale of 1 to 10, I feel like I'm already at 9.5. Okay, okay... let's stop this guessing game. This frustrated entry is related to my career development (again?? I thought everything turned out okay after getting that new SS title?) Well, the answer is NO.

The problem is, now it's quite complicated for me to discuss the real issue with anyone. I don't have a strong argument, I don't have the hard evidence, if I were to be brought to court, I'll surely lose the case. The only explanation to the mess I've put myself in is plain stupidity. How stupid was I? Stupider than stupid. Maybe you'll understand how that feels if I tell you that currently I really feel like disappearing from the world for the next two weeks or so.

Maybe I felt cheated and humiliated but I knew it was partly my mistake, that's why I feel like vanishing for awhile. It's not that I can't face my relatives, colleagues and friends. It's just that I think I need some space and time to recover, otherwise I'd just snap, burst or do more stupid things.

I think it's time to visit a good career shrink. Recommend me, if you know any.

If you still wanna continue with the guessing game, well here are the clues:

- performance appraisal
- increment
- professional certification
- project execution

Combine them all together, I'm sure you can guess what's my frustration is all about.


YouKnowWho said...

Cool it....
Cool it dear...
Jom ice cream?

Angel Eyes said...

bila nak jumpa ni?

ruby ahmad said...

Hi d.n.a.s,

Oooh...don't be too hard on yourself dear. Chill. Go listen to some soothing music. Or yes go with youknowwho up there for some yummy will be ok right after that. Hang in there.

nikfarizah said...

You sound so depressed...take it easy, life is like a can be up and down! Take a break...and probably you should go for a holiday!!

D.N.A.S said...

yessss! Ice cream...!

I'll be somewhere in Bandar Utama this Friday evening. U balik kerja pukul berapa?

Thank you for caring. I suddenly remembered a song by NKOTB - Hanging Tough! But my friends used to sing it 'Hanging Stuff!' :)

Yeay! Holiday... hmmm... good idea. Maybe after the school holidays.

Lil' Miss Easydent said...

No worries. Fix urself a sinful choco cake or ice cream and (for a short while) u'll be fine. Nothing creamy indulgence can't fix! ;)

queenscity said...

yo kakak

wheres my novel aprt 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever laaa

sambung la deyyyyy

D.N.A.S said...

lil' miss easydent,
hmmmm... maybe I wanna start with some hot chocolate...(kat sini baru lepas hujan).

Queencity yang masih tak ingat password,
tengah tulih la nieee....

guess499 said...

probably, your period pain makes you elmo.. erkk emo?! chill out! get some rest..

NAH said...

The cat photo is sssssoooooo cutee!!!

david santos said...

Helo, d.n.a.s.!
This ost is very nice, thank yow

Nour said...

does the herbal saitary napkin works?? Have heard of it tapi tak pernah cuba...
Yeah sometimes you just wanna be invisible for awhile eh..Well everyone deserves sometime alone...take leave and do what you like doing..That helps..:)

Hang in there!

kimi azhan said...

Dee... I agree with your depression, nevertheless life must go on. Hang in there and you'll make us all proud ok! about the herbal sanitary - are u using the Bio? Coz I've used it continuously these past 2 years... it really work, Alhamdulillah.

D.N.A.S said...

wah u also know that new terminology, eh? So cute, kan?

i tak tau gambar kucing sapa tu... hihihi

I love the English poem you put up in your blog. It's really deep and touching.

it's good, but quite difficult to find in the area I'm living. Bangsar shopping center gerenti ada jual.

that brand ada jual kat mana?