Monday, May 21, 2007

Five In One

This is one of the weeks when I have so many things to share, yet too little time to write.


1. Tak larat

This phrase was widely used in my high school-STF to express the feeling of indescribable flattering that the whole body feels wobbly like jelly.
I was ‘tak larat’ last Thursday when I realized my article was published at D1na Zaman’s iammuslim2 website. That day I didn’t have internet connection, as I was stuck in a darn cold data center and having to work in between the equipment racks – standing up. Then right before lunch, a guy I just got to know a week ago called me, asking:

‘Is this you at D1na’s blog?’
It took me a while to make out what he’s talking about.

‘You mean in the comment box?’ I asked to confirm.

‘No, today’s article. They put your name in this article.’

‘They put which name? My blog name?’ Yes, I have a few cybernames.

‘No, not that one, they put your other name?’ Hmmm… ok… that’s confusing, what other name he meant?

‘Are you sure it's me? Did they put my picture there?’ I asked jokingly.

‘No, no pictures. But I think this is your article.’ He’s really anxious to know.

‘Well, I’m not sure that’s mine. Let me check first and I’ll tell you later.’

Hell, I already knew that it was my article, because the Editor emailed me to confirm which name I preferred to be made public. Hehe. I just enjoyed torturing that guy. Hahahahah. Later that day, at about 7pm, I texted him to confirm that it was my writing. When I checked the blog again, I saw that he has left a comment there, and guess what, he happened to be one of those anonymous bloggers with really admirable writing style, whom I’ve been dying to know who. That left me quite in shock but really excited for a few minutes.


2. Putra He1ghts Fiesta

I was so engrossed reading my Cleo magazine in the car and didn’t realize that Mr. Hubby had driven us to Putra Heights on Sunday afternoon (yes, I was reading that 50 most eligible bachelors’ issue with full concentration that I was not aware of my surroundings! Hehe)

So, there was a fiesta organized by the housing developer, I believe. We went from one booth to another to check out the newly launched phases. Most of them were linked houses ranging from 24 X 75 to huge semi-Ds that I know I can never afford to buy in this lifetime (the link house’s price starts from RM399K – bumi might get about RM350K lah I think). Anyway, I had no interest in the houses; I was watching a group of kids riding mini-bikes in a small circuit. They’re so cute, aren’t they?


3. I’m Posh

It’s been many months since my last hair cut, it has grown long that I have problem tying them and covering them with my scarves. I was also starting to hate it when it took almost an hour to dry (I hate to blow-dry, please don’t recommend me to use it).
Yesterday, after breakfast I told Mr. Hubby that I want to cut my hair short. He asked which style. I said I want the Victoria Bekham hair. That was when he made the frozen-in-time look (you know, eyes widened, mouth half opened and stopped his hands in mid-air). I just ignored it.
I went to SACC, Shah Alam to have the cut. Luckily, they have the style in one of the Japanese hair magazines they showed me. I pointed to the picture and told them I wanted that cut.
The stylist was good. It took her less than 15 minutes to have my hair done. After some blowing and applying some unknown hair cream, she held the big mirror and let me have a look at my new hair from every angle. Well, the end result was satisfying, only that I looked more like Misha Omar (plus 30 kg) than Victoria Bekham. I asked the stylist if she could make my hair about 1cm above the shirt collar, and her reply was:
‘Aiya, cannot aaah miss. Your face tak sesuai lah.’

Later on when I told that to Mr. Hubby, he said what the stylist really meant was, I’m too fat for that style. Hahahah… yeah…I know how skinny Mrs. Bekham is. Anyway, the Misha Omar look is not bad at all.


4. Magic plant

There was a pot of plant on my office desk that had been in a state of ‘hidup segan mati tak mahu’ for months. I watered it 3 times a week but it was not showing any positive sign to grow healthily like those I have in my laman. Actually this small pot was taken from my house, so maybe it was due to the office aircond or negative vibes here that it refused to live well. My floormates have been asking me on what’s happening to my plant, whether it’s surviving or dying soon. I just told them to be patient and give it sometime because I know with regular watering and care it will turn out okay.

When I came to the office this morning, I had a surprise of my life. I saw the same pot on my desk, but it was a different plant inside it. I asked around but nobody seemed to know who put it there, they expected I’ve brought a new one. It was impossible as I’ve been at customer’s place for many days. Hmmm… now I need to shoot out the email to find out the mysterious person who was kind enough to give me this plant and must thank him/her for such a hart warming gesture.


5. Vaginapalooza

As promised to Azer, I am putting up this topic here. It’s an article I found while browsing – the ultimate women’s reference site. Go there and read it, then after you’re done throwing up or cursing, come back here and tell me what you think, okay? *wink* *wink*


Jade said...

the plant needs baja kot...

and as for the article, i read it last week, and had the laugh of the week!! hehe..

good one.

D.N.A.S said...

thank you! thank you!
The Editor said, her boss enjoyed it too. heh heh!
Now that I have a new plant, I'll make sure I 'baja' it every month.

Anonymous said...

when's the post on the mamak stall coming?

Azer Mantessa said...

oh my God!

thx for the article on errr ...

i take the humour intensely tho. shud've read sumthing like that 15 years ago :D

D.N.A.S said...

errr... have to wait until I have enough material. (Curi gambar bangku plastik kat blog you pun okay kot... hahahah)

you ada anak dara umur 15 tahun ke? Oleh kerana I takde anak dara, maka I sgt tergezut membaca blog tu.

Angel Eyes said...

Nice article.


D.N.A.S said...

when is your article coming up? Dah submit ke belum? Tell me which cybername u're using, ok? ;)