Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The 33 carat diamond

Miraculously, I was nominated as one of the 'diamonds' for Quarter 1 and 2 of 2007. Hey, I thought hard trying to decide which achievement had made me chosen; yeah, I couldn't think of any. When I thought harder, yup... there was nothing to be so proud of in 2007.

Only this morning I got to know that I was nominated because of my 3 days' investigation in a high profile project with really difficult customer, and I was on standby for 1 month for the same project. (Standby means, if the project engineer is sick/dead, then I'll have to replace him on site.) During the standby period, I, off course had been hibernating here at my cubicle, lah. Hahaha. (If not somewhere in Subang Parade/The Curve searching for latest books/CD/DVD.)

The 3 aweks were all smiles, busy gossipping/posing and obviously not aware that the CEO was in fact giving a speech then trying to to make everybody understand why we're there that night. Sorry boss, born camwhores, what to do.

The supertalented hibernator of 2 Quarters: DNAS receiving the token of appreciation from the CEO. I thought my handshake was too firm, the CEO looked startled for a few seconds. Hmmmm... somebody has a better grip, huh?

After the first round of pasta, chinese fried rice, bbq sausage-chicken-beef, mushroom soup and salad and preparing for second round of servings. It was raining outside, so all tables that were originally placed by the pool had to be brought into the gym. We were stuffing ourselves right next to the treadmill, stepper and stationary bikes. How ironic! Oh well, we renamed it from a Pool-side BBQ dinner to Cardio-machine-side BBQ dinner. And, did I mention that we're supposed to go for a free health screening the next morning? Kekekeke.

The organizer forgot to include live entertainment in our agenda. So, the CC manager tricked us into believing that there'll be some magic show or something after the dinner. It turned out we had to do Pocho-pocho in front of the lift. Yikes, the guys were as 'jegang' as they could be, while us the girls went dizzy and intertwined in our selendangs. We actually stayed back planning to go for a separate coffee session, too bad we were 'terjebak' with pocho-pocho to the tunes of 'Kopi dangdut' song.


Zetty said...


D.N.A.S said...

tengkiu, tengkiu! Selamat hari merdeka!!!
KL jam gila sebab ada Merdeka rehearsal.

ku E said...

congrats... everywhere got pocho-pocho kan? lucky am not in kl no more hehe...

D.N.A.S said...

ha'ah. Even dekat my kampung kat Bera tu pun ada kelas pocho-pocho.
That night I was doing it wearing a pair of high heels, erk... nak tergeliat jugaklah.

all jazzed up said...

dnas, i so wanna try pocho pocho. i know, weird. hahah. and congrats ya babe.

Dah Pencen said...

Call me behind-the-times, but I actually had to google "pocho pocho". Helpfully, the uppermost result was a youtube video.

Looks a lot like line dancing. I know the perfect song to dance to it - Achy Breaky Heart.

D.N.A.S said...

pocho-pocho is soooo not my kind of exercise. Baru 1/2 lagu aku dah boring.

dah pencen,
pocho-pocho very suitable for penshioners... hihihi. If we dance to Achy Breaky Heart, nanti jadik Pocho Ala Elvis Presley pulak, kot.
With all those ketar lutut and spastic facial expressions.

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

Ha tu, kan dah kata. When praise is due, praise IS due. Felicitations!

D.N.A.S said...

da winged acrophobic,
i don't really need the praises, la.... i prefer cold hard CASH. Hihihi. yang penting, BONUS bang.... BONUSSSSSSSSS....