Friday, August 24, 2007

Something to smile about on Thursday evening.

Put away the smirks on your faces. This has got nothing to do with 'bunuh kapir' activities on 'malam Jumaat'. Hahahaha.

I was greeted with a Pos Laju package when I reached home Thursday evening. Seeing the familiar name in the sender's section, I knew immediately what was inside. So, I ripped the package open and found this inside:

Front View.

Sorry for the poor lightings. The color is much more vibrant than it appears here.

Back View

Wooooohoooooo! It was none other than the Germany football team jersey I've been waiting for! Thank you Deq Non and Adik Zue for bringing this all the way from Germany. It really made my day. Yeay! Yeay! I have another RED jersey! (Did I ever mention that I have Liverpool jerseys, too? Yeah, half the closet is filled with football jerseys, actually. Not mine. Ask my bedmate.)

Then this morning, while servicing my Cinoni at Glenmarie, found something worth drooling over.

Look at that ampai kain!

Oh.... the rim! THE WHITE RIM!

It's TypeR babeh, TypeR!

Aiyyo, inside also got RED bucket seats!

Taken already?

Too bad, cannot get inside for some 'berangan' moments..... I wonder who's the lucky owner.

Anyway, there's a looooong queue for CIVIC TypeR in Malaysia currently because each dealer will only get 1 car for every batch, and only 40 'bijik' setahun! For the whole country (?????)

Okaylah tu, the price tag says RM199 K.

Okkaylah.... kasi chance lah......!


Spena said...

Actually aku dah lama berangan nak letak white rims to my baby, tapi nantilah dulu. Tunggu lama sikit and ada fulus nanti

guess499 said...

Bestnye berangan... he he

all jazzed up said...

honestly tak sangka kau berjiwa raga sebegini makcik. football jerseys, fast cars.... wakakakak.. the makcik is not so makcik after all!

D.N.A.S said...

ha'ah, keta kau amat sesuai. Tukar skirting sekali, ok.

jom berangan bersama! Bila nak pegi meng'kopi' dan mem'pasta' ni, wey?

Looks can be deceiving... hihihi. We must be young at heart...

queenscity yang dah semakin tua said...


bila nak open table ni beb wahai besdei gal besdei gal sekaliannnnnn

Cosmic_GurL said...

Whoa!! Ive nvr seen a white rim before. Pretty cool!

Eh brp byk jersey u dah ada skang ah?

D.N.A.S said...

open table during lunch hour, can aaaa?

u should see some modified cars with colorful rims too. Haaa, that one bukan aje cool, it's cruel. Cruel to my dear old makcik eyes!
Jumlah jersey akan dibentangkan dalam mesyuarat tingkap yg akan datang. Hehehe!

akula said...

Cool rim, cool rear, cool car.

Jersey bola tak minat. Saya kumpul jerse ragbi je.:)

D.N.A.S said...

i also have rugby shirts from Adidas and Canterbury. Reason being, I wear their sizes.... hihihi.

east43street said...

I love the ampai kain part. A true multitasking car. Sidai kain and drive for 5 minutes, sure kering punya.