Monday, September 24, 2007

Baru nak buat tag ni

I’ve had a really busy weekend. We organized a buka puasa do at my house on Saturday and 30 family members (from Mr. Hubby’s side) came. Before you start calling me Superwoman, well, no…. I didn’t cook. Sorry to disappoint you. Maybe if we’re having only 5 guests, I’ll volunteer to cook, but 30 people? The food was catered by the famous Kak Leha (at least dekat Bdr Kinrara memang dia famous lah…) while the kuih-muih was pot luck. I only took care of doing the dishes and kemas-mengemas rumah afterwards. But still, the ‘layan-melayan tetamu’ part was tiring.

Then, on Sunday morning I was working at a customer’s place in Putrajaya. I wore my new Liverpool shirt and was greeted by another colleague who was in his blue Chelsea jersey. He didn’t make any remark on my shirt; I thought maybe he’s already feeling giddy waiting for the night’s match between Chelsea and Man U (which Chelsea had to play with only 10 people and then lost the game!)

Usually, when I have my Liverpool t-shirt or Jersey on people would make remarks like:

‘You ni main bola ke?’
‘Sejak bila minat Liverpool?’
‘You tau tengok bola ke?’
‘Mana beli baju?’

Remark paling hampeh:
‘Takde baju lain ke?’

If they don’t make any remark, they would either look at me top to toe with squinted eyes. Only God knows what’s in their minds. As for me, with the current fashion for women’s tops (which most of them are the ‘nampak pusat’ and ‘nampak cleavage’ types) and considering the fact that I am a size 16 and getting cheap casual tops (in KL) is not easy, I’d rather just stick to football Jerseys, lah. At least they fully cover the cleavage and mid section parts. Not to mention the 'sweat friendly' fabrics they use. Climalite lah... Climacool lah.... Climax je yang I belum jumpa. hahaha.

Okay, before you start snoring reading my Jersey stories, please read the tag below. Kak Shana and Jazz tagged me some time ago but I only managed to complete this today. That was after a very uninspiring tender discussion with the internal team, which results 12 worksheets plus technical write up plus implementation timeline were assigned to me. Nah, ambik kau! Say bye-bye to my usual hibernating hours. These will keep me awake for a few days…. Good luck to me!

5 Things In My Handbag
1. My Sony Bean – I need music everywhere
2. Business, membership and medical card holders
3. 2 pairs of ear phones – high availability strategy
4. Phone charger – Battery low is not an excuse for 'balaci' who does IT system support like me.
5. Make up kit – because I always get that ‘You look pale’ remark from people.

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
1. Cards that I think the authority would be interested to see: driving license, mykad, kad kawin (who knows, in case we suddenly became adventurous to do it outdoor… hahaha)
2. Cards that I know the merchandisers would love to see: credit cards, discount cards
3. Cards that I hate to see in the middle of the month: ATM cards
4. Cash, especially loose change because I have to pay TOLL (tengkiu Samy!)
5. Hospital appointment cards: the children’s and mine

5 Favourite Things In My Bedroom
1. A stack of my to-be-finished books on my bedside
2. 12 pillows (I’ll do a recount tonight, maybe there are 13, I’m not sure)
3. My perfumes on the dressing table
4. My bedmate
5. My two other roommates (bila korang nak pindah bilik oi!)
(There are not many things in my bedroom, so I included the people too).

5 Things I Wish To Do
1. Sleep more
2. Exercise more
3. Run a 40KM marathon
4. Paint the living and dining hall
5. Cook healthy meals for the family everyday.

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. Thinking about food
2. Playing with my stupid mouse (kejap function, kejap tak function. I’m not surprised, the brand is Microsoft….)
3. Thinking about what to put in my friend’s blog’s comment box.
4. Contemplating on shutting down my Friendster.
5. Wondering why people are easily addicted to Facebook.

5 People I Would Like To Tag
Hahaha… the tag stops here because most of my friends have done this. But if you found this interesting and have a lot of time to kill, feel free to do it, too!

Oh yeah, if you're looking for specific dish for buka puasa, go to for reviews of famous Bazaar Ramadhan in Klang Valley.
Caution: Menipiskan iman dan melelehkan air liur.....


Da Winged Acrophobic said...

Interesting tag. Siapa-siapa yang puasa mesti pikir pasal food in the second last '5 things' kan?

east43street said...

hah... ha.... my verdict... the most difficult things to do would be the 5 wish you wanted to do. Did I hit the bullseye?

D.N.A.S said...

En Wingy,
Hmmmmm.... asyik tengok Food blog jeeee....

Not only difficult, almost impossible!

AM said...

"Caution: Menipiskan iman dan melelehkan air liur" --> hahaha! sesungguhnya!

D.N.A.S said...

udang besar masak merah... hmmmmmmm...

WANSHANA said...

Thanks for being a sport!

Frankly speaking I sampai dah terlupa I tagged you! Hahahaha! Tak per...tak per...better late than never? :D

Take care.

John F SeaDemon said...

Cerita pasal jersey ni, teringat satu hari masa kat Manchester dulu masa buat kerja kat sana. Member sorang ni pakai scarf Arsenal sambil melantak fish and chips with me. Sekali datang sorang mamat mat salleh ni yang berbadan agak besar, tepuk mamat ni di belakang seraya bertanya, "Are you an Arsenal fan?"

Mamat ni dengan perasaan penuh panik menoleh ke belakang dan terus menjawab, "I'm sorry, I don't eat chicken."

D.N.A.S said...

kak shana,
buat tag ni bagus jugak, agak2 dah kena writer's block tu kalau buat tag, boleh exercise the brain.

apakah kesudahan ceritanya? ada gaduh2 macam filem Tamil tak?

John F SeaDemon said...

Mat Sallaeh tu confuse gila dan slowly belah.