Friday, November 23, 2007

Misunderstood me.

When it comes to men, you wanna know what I hate most (besides B.O)?

This scenario:
Let’s say, I have this great conversation with a decent looking man where we share lots of insane laughter and exchange of endless silly stories mixed with some really intelligent ones, and then all of a sudden he says,

“Hey, where were you 10 years ago? I wish I had known you then.”

I really hate that.

What is he really implying?

Is that some kind of flirting going on here? Or he’s trying to tell me that he thinks I’m trying to flirt with him and by all means he’s okay with it? Or it’s a kind of test? Or he’s indirectly trying to ‘mengumpan’ me in case I am something in between Gabby of Desperate housewives and Samantha of SATC?

Or maybe it’s one of those lame pick-up lines he needs to practice just to know the possible results if he uses it on single girls. Aiseh, wrong guinea pig for the wrong experiment lah brother.

I know for sure I’m an accidental flirt. I always mean well, but the body language, voice and eye contacts suggest otherwise. I’m famous for sending all the wrong signals. I need to learn on how to synchronize my mind with my body language.

It’s difficult. Especially during my first few months at Uni. You see, I was from an all girls’ school. It’s so normal to tease a friend then ‘angkat-angkat kening’ just to irritate her more. But when I did that to boys, they thought I was trying to flirt with them. Aiyyoh.

Those days, sometimes I wished I could wear a sticky note on my forehead that read: ‘I make a lot of silly jokes and enjoy teasing people, but trust me I’m not trying to flirt with you.’ Translated to BM it should read, “Aku memang macam ni, aku bukan nak ngorat engkau.”

Since I couldn’t find a 5inch X 5inch yellow sticky note then, I only managed to tell a few female friends about it. One of them had the guts to tell me,

‘Ye, kau ni kadang-kadang memang nampak gatal.’

An even gutsier friend said this:

‘Kau tu aku tengok rajin sangat melayan, itu pasallah diorang tu jadi perasan.’

I think I have this problem till today. Being friendly, attentive (puke), attractive (puke some more), bubbly and talkative can cause a lot of misunderstanding. You know, lah… the male species. They’re damn good at deciphering signals that they can’t detect the un-encrypted ones. Most of the times, “No” means NO. Get it?

Because of all these uninvited problems, I have been wearing my ‘garang’, ‘sombong’ and unapproachable looks for some time. An older work colleague once told me that before he got to know my name, he nicknamed me as the girl with the ‘jangan main-main dengan aku’ look. I guess many people fear me by now. Hmmmm…. That’s good. Suddenly I have this really nice and comfortable feeling. Must continue with the Warbook game, my General and the Kingdom has been neglected for some time.


AM said...

hahaha! like always, your entry made me sengih all the way sampai abis. 'jangan main-main dengan aku' look. hahaha I selalu wear that look.

emi said...

kak dayang memang nampak garang. first time tengok dulu kira takut le jugak...hehhehe..

D.N.A.S said...

one of my colleagues told me that I have 'aura garang'. Kalah aura Mawi tuuuuu.... :)

laaaah, patutle dulu segan-segan. Lama-lama, asyik ikut berpoya-poya bersama-sama.
Emi ada aura gadis Melayu ayu pemalu. Hihihihi.

UglyButAdorable said...

garang ehhh....kenot la you...we nie same species laaaa... terover friendly... but in your case berbaloi nampak aper pun..hahahhaaaa....

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

At least you're not the one yang perasan. I suppose having a reputation of garang is more entertaining. And there are men who are like a block of wood - kalis signals or whatever flirtation you throw at them.

Azer Mantessa said...

but then have to be careful with the 'garang' look as sum of us guys luv the 'dominant' type if u know what i mean .... hahahahaha ... a 'no' look makes us even more 'determined' .... hahahaha

amacam ni? amacam? hahahaha

akula said...

And you blame man pulak. La hai....:)

D.N.A.S said...

ha'ah lah, kengkadang memang ter'over' friendly. Maybe it's becoz I can make myself comfortable with the male counterpart effortlessly. Having grown up surrounded by boys made me the way i am today.

En. Wingy,
the 'kalis signal' guys are also known as 'the knights in shining armours'. Women dream of them, yet they couldn't get the signal through. It's either becoz of bad reception or too much of interference. hahaha.

D.N.A.S said...

you just scared the shit out of me. That just explained a few things that keep me perplexed for some time. Hmmmm... now I know...

ya lah, I should start wearing those yellow sticky notes on my forehead, lah.

all jazzed up said...

dayang, that is SUCH A PICK UP LINE OK. I got that too a few times. I'd like to look at it as a casual flirt. Which is completely harmless. Unless he's Harrison Ford. I'd jump on that old man any day.

D.N.A.S said...

so far none of them look like Harrison ford. One looked like Rajnikaanth, another one reminded me of John Candy and the rest were somewhere between Saiful Apek and Mr. Bean.

che' nah said...

hey dnas. :)

“Hey, where were you 10 years ago? I wish I had known you then.”

Hihihi. That's a form of flattery lor... He's just saying that he's comfortable with you... :)

cancerian. futsal. engineering. all-girls school. grew up being surrounded by boys. hmmm... sama pulak stats kita (yeah... bila dah kawin, no more nombor-nombor based stats... :P).

the day that i ter-bump into you should be an interesting one. :)

D.N.A.S said...

Che' Nah,
if you're also born in the year of the Tiger, then we'll be the long lost not-related twin sisters. Haha.
The day when we finally meet, we'll bring the whole house/shop/cafe/restaurant/gym/stadium bola down....

John F SeaDemon said...

DNAS...I hope he is as rich as well as he looks like Rajnikahnt the Superstar.

BTW, it can be a pick-up line and it can also be a statement of regret. Men get that too from women, but usually a special effect is added to the statement. Back in April this year, a quite well-known good-looking singer asked me the same question but added at the end of the question this very statement:

"I waited for you for 3 years before I said YES to someone else"

Makes you want to commit suicide.

D.N.A.S said...

which singer? which singer? which singer? (kepochi mode I sekarang nih.)