Monday, November 19, 2007

Of Pot luck and some tips

I just luuuuuuurve pot-luck parties. Not only we’ll get the chance to sample the best of other people’s kitchens, we’ll also get to ‘tapau’ left-overs (which is usually a lot of them). I must have been among the few last people to know about Srikandi’s supposed to be Aidilfitri Open house (which was held during Haji season already). Itupun sebab makcik kena publish dalam blog. Otherwise, I would have missed it. I was assigned to a new project recently (with very tight deadlines – macam tak biasa), so my frequency of retrieving my free mails adalah sangat jarang.
The open house was held in Sg. Buloh and I was asked to bring sweets and candies for the kids. I asked Mr. Hubby to buy some sweets at the Pasar Malam on Friday night, tapi kat pasar malam tu takde jual sweets lah pulak.
So, I baked some chocolate moist cupcakes sebab bahan-bahan semua dah memang sediakala ada dalam fridge. Since I haven’t learned on frosting, piping, garnishing and whatnots, I decided to settle with basic chocolate syrup frosting and some ‘purbakala’ style garnishing – utilizing what ever I could find in the fridge, lah. The colourful buttons are Hershey’s mini kisses, while the ‘kelopak bunga’ are almond flakes.

A definitely big NO to my diet (eh, macam I diet...). I think one piece is more than 300 calories. That translates to 40 minutes of cycling. Tapi the choc syrup and choc moist cake sangat sedap (ye, saya tengah puji diri sendiri nih), I had 3 pieces of them.

The design was supervised by Mr. Wazif. He has good eyes on arts and artistic things. (ni sessi memuji anak sendiri, can skip this whole paragraph if you think you’ll feel ‘berbulu’ reading this, hihihi) Wazif has artistic hands too. He scored A for coloring during his exam. They were to color a picture of a few flowers and leaves aje sebenarnya, but Wazif’s coloring exam paper came out resembling a beautiful batik pattern, even I was impressed. Maybe next year I should ask Wazif to draw my portrait, mungkin dia akan lukis Monalisa… hahaha. I think he inherits it from Mr. Hubby because I am so tangan kayu.

Wazif on his TADIKA graduation day on Sunday.

Okay, back to the open house yang sangat meriah dengan very delicious food and sangat seronok surrounded by very familiar faces. Frankly speaking, I knew less than 15 people at the party as most of them are our super-duper-truper seniors. Not many of the 80s and 90s Srikandis came. If it was not because of Ayu Afeera, we would have been the youngest Srikandis at that event. Hehehe. It felt so good to realize that we’re still very young. Iyelah, kat ofis ramai orang panggil ‘akak’, kalau pegi shopping ramai orang panggil ‘makcik’. When there were 40+ people calling you adik or ‘nak’, memanglah terasa amat muda belia.

I managed to cilok the following pictures from tigerlaneboy’s blog and Spain’s FB:

This pose was supposed to be the tribute to the 60s Srikandis. Jari letak kat pipi, okay. Tersilap, mata tertengok camera. By right I should have been staring at a distant object as if I was thinking of the long lost boyfriend who went to fight the communist and never came back.

Someone snapped this while I was happily mengumpat with Spain. I like having my pics taken with Spain. Although I know I am heavier than her, but most of the times I appear smaller. Hehehehe.... Thank you optical illusion.

Haaaa.... count the containers. One, two, three and four. Seasoned pot-luckers must have learned this trick. Since you've already knew you'd be asked to tapau food later, why not bring as many containers as possible. Kalau bawak empty containers, nanti malu, kan? So, put your food in multiple containers lah. Kalau buat 20 bijik karipap, letaklah 5 bijik in each container. Later on, when it's tapau time, you can put the rendang, kuah laksa, mee rebus, ketupat, satay etc in separate containers. Balik rumah, terus masukkan ke dalam fridge so that tak payah cook dinner for the night. Bijak tak makcik?


Spena said...

Mak oi!! One cupcake = 300calories? Sebab tu lah aku tak nak find out how many calories each food ada. If not, tak makanlah makcik ooi!

tigerlaneboy said...

silakan jangan malu2. you weren't the youngest ones there? i wouldn't have guessed ....

D.N.A.S said...

yes, it's true. People who really count their daily calorie intake kena bawak calculator pegi makan.
Roti canai is also about 300 calories sekeping.

i can't blame you. some of my friends look 24 y.o. kan? kan? kan?

WANSHANA said...

Alamak!!! Baru tadi pekena Roti Telur Mamak Nasi Kandar Sedap!!! Mau 350 calories at least? Sigh...

Couldn't make it for the Pot-Luck thingy as my weekend was full with activities for my daughter's b'day do. Next time, insya Allah (and I'll be bringing loads of containers for tapau - thank you for your sound advice. Hehehe!)

D.N.A.S said...

kak Shana,
congrats yr daughter got 5As.
I was about to membebel in your blog just now sebab tak nampak yr batang hidung at the open house, but then after reading about the big celebration, tak jadi lah.
Next makan-makan do u must come, ok? Kak Eisha came quite late that day. Dah pukul 6 lebih baru dia sampai.

all jazzed up said...

dayang, aku masih tak puas hati cuz didn't get to taste your cupcakes. So next NSSC nak cupcakes, minus frosting cuz we all don't wanna binge that crazy lah. Nanti next year go-kart race tak menang.. malu pulak.. Kan aku dah target podium finish.

Zetty said...

wah! advance sungguh cupcakes ni sampai boleh bawak pegi umah org.

sgt tere.

D.N.A.S said...

nanti aku cari healthy recipe for muffin, yea?

itu chocolate syrup frosting telah membantu menyembunyikan segala cacat-cela physical. Hehehe.

ruby ahmad said...


Waduh! You cupcakes looked so delicious there..drool drool! I can imagine what great fun you guys must have had. Pot luck is a great idea actually. We get to sample all the yummy goodies.

Congrats to Wazif. Yes encourage him with his artistic takent. He'll go far. Cute boy lah. Takpe ibu memuji anak. I do it too..he he.

See you on facebook. He he.

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

D.N.A.S said...

then what did the Swiss ppl do when they have cravings for chocolate? Have lots and lots and lots of sex?