Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aku sakit kepala...!!

I suddenly fell sick. I haven’t been sick for quite some time. Two days ago I had to attend a few meetings at a few places. Unlike the weather on F1 day which was warm, windy and the sky was clear, that day it was raining cats and dogs from lunch hour until 7pm.

It was also my unlucky day because I was driving Mr. Hubby’s car. He was away on overseas assignment and I had to warm the engine up (yeah right…. Warm up engine sampai 70km that day…) Just like any other normal men’s car, there’s no umbrella in the car. I went to Chase Perdana, parked at the foyer which doesn’t have any roof, and then had to run in the rain (luckily my pair of kasut plastic was in the car, so my new Waltz Shoes terselamat dari mengharung lecah itu). After that meeting, I rushed back to office for another meeting. As usual, I couldn’t get a roofed parking spot and had to run in the rain again.

By the time I entered the meeting room, I was wet and started sneezing. Thank god it was a short one where I got to talk a lot. (Saya gila publisiti kebelakangan ni.) Otherwise I’d be busy sneezing, wiping my nose and tumbling my shirt dry.

Once that meeting ended, I dashed out of office to go and fetch the kids. When I arrived at the TASKA it was still raining and they didn’t open the front gate (for heaven’s sake, kalau dah Nampak hari hujan, bukaklah gate depan tu, boleh jugak aku bawak kereta masuk dalam, kat bawah atap). So, again I had to run in the rain to get the kids’ school bags, clothes, shoes etc.
The next morning, my headaches started and it stayed until today. This morning my condition became worse, I didn’t feel like getting up at all. I felt the world spinning every time I tried to stand.
Yet I managed to menggagahkan diri driving to the office to complete the team’s training plan for the whole year.

Then, during lunch I almost had a heart attack when another colleague told me that the Diva (yang I mengumpat sakan in my previous entry tu) dengan selambanya left the customer’s site and told everyone she’s going home because she doesn’t know how to do the work I assigned to her (with a lot of drama and non-stop complaining, of course…)

Two days ago she had the guts to SMS me asking me to go on site and help her complete her task. It was my turn giving a few thousand reasons why I couldn’t go. The next day she emailed me and the Project Manager complaining that there were many ambiguities in the task checklist I gave her. Sudah aku spoonfeed dengan macam-macam info, hints, links, remote support….. lagi mau komplen. Well, memang menempah nak hidup dalam kegelapan lah for the rest of the year because on the same day I started doing training and certification plan for her. All those things will be in her performance appraisal. Last thing I wanna say is, good luck lah engkau minah. Kalau agak-agak nak kerja style Minah Kilang, pegila mintak keje kat kilang. Even Minah2 Kilang yang aku kenal pun, lagi ber initiative dan creative daripada kau.

Walaupun aku sakit kepala dan sakit hati, tapi aku ada handbag baruuuuu…. Woooo hoooooo!
(Hana, aku dah tak pakai beg merah tu lagi…. )


ardy said...

Weird, I have two umbrellas in my car. Does that mean that I'm abnormal?

john f seademon said...

I have two umbrellas Ardy. Are we abnormal?

ardy said...

Gosh! We could be related, John F Seademon!

elara said...

Looks like you have to furnish her everything on a silver platter. She must have graduated with a low CGPA point.

D.N.A.S said...

Ardy and SD,
you're either:
a. a couple
b. related
c. sharing the same car.


i've worked with a few engineers who graduated with 3rd class but excelled in their career. This is just a weird case. Couldn't figure out the root cause. My guess is, it could be her upbringing and surrounding that has shaped her thinking and influenced her mind.

ardy said...

A couple eh? Intriguing ;)

Floyd said...

Title post nie : Aku sakit kepala...!!

It's concluded with a new handbag.

How typical.

D.N.A.S said...

aku selalu mendapat idea bernas macam tu....haha

yes, kalau girlfren you sakit kepala, belikan dia handbag baru.
The best way to understand your woman is by keeping in mind that she's just a typical woman. La la la la la la la ......

Leilanie said...

and this is the bag I saw you carrying during our lunch-do.
no wonder.... canteek.

Thank you, dear, for lunch ..... sedap!