Monday, March 31, 2008

Sesi mari mengumpat: Bahagian 2

I have been drafting a huge plan for the Diva since last Thursday and was planning to call her for a serious discussion regarding her future this morning. Then, while I was driving to office, Boss SMSed me telling that the Diva just handed in her resignation letter. So, the Boss’s strategy worked. I thought he must had that content smile planted on his face while he texted me.

For the past few weeks, he had been telling me that some people might perform better in a different environment. That’s one of the options he had in mind for the Diva. He was hoping that the Diva would find another job. Although at the same time he asked me to try and change her mentality this year, I couldn’t help but noticed him mumbling underneath his breath every time the Diva put up her antiques: ‘Kalau tak nak buat kerja, duduk rumah jaga anak aje lah….’ Or ‘Kalau nak semua solution/step orang lain yang provide, baik kerja kilang…’

So, the entire ‘mentality changing’ plan I’ve drafted for the Diva will have to be flushed down the toilet. It was a unique plan I could think of for an engineer who was not willing to take up new challenges. If she saw the plan I think she’ll somehow regret resigning from the company. Well, I don’t know what’s waiting for her at the place ‘with greener grasses’ over there, but if she decided to stay she’ll get the chance to prove to the management that she’s not ‘useless’ and 'negative thinking'. Anyway, she just missed that opportunity and the label will stuck at her forehead forever.

I hope she will pull her socks up and perform better in the new company. It’s not too late to start anew. My message to the rest, it’s not easy living up to the title ‘Engineer’. You have the nation’s expectation burdened on your shoulder. Furthermore, IT is never stagnant, we have to change gear every few minutes. Lame excuses don’t work well in this IT industry, too.

Oh, by the way… I also have new Burberry and Estee Lauder perfume. Hii hii hii…. Seronot nyeeee.... seronot nyeeee....


Zetty said...

bersyukur lah diva tu quit akhirnya hehehe. sekarang boleh senyum meleret2 sambil bawak henbeg lawa :D

D.N.A.S said...

betul Zet,
now I can carry on with my life and career peacefully. Tapi minggu depan aku busy gile kena interview ramai candidate as replacement kepada Diva ittew.... *sigh*