Friday, April 04, 2008

Kisah tapau menapau

To the guys, it's totally cool to tapau your breakfast/lunch from home. Although those plastic containers don't bear names like Armani or Nike, it won't make you look less masculine.

I am definitely going green this year. I switch my laptop off when I don't use it because somebody told me that in standby mode, it will still consume power. I have already set a reminder to catch that show called 'An Inconvenient Truth' that will be aired on April 22nd. Earlier this week somebody told me that some villages in Thailand have started sinking, so I decided to wait for the laundry to pile up before stuffing them into the washing machine.

Some of the projects I'm doing this year will contribute to saving the environment, but it doesn't mean I'll be squatting in front of some building for hours holding banners and chanting 'Stop pollution, save the world'. Most of them will be on computer virtualization. Yes, I know it's such an alien term to most of you but it's not a new technology in the market. If your organization decides to go green, you can always suggest to the CFO/CTO/CIO to start looking at IT virtualization, and then please contact our sales rep. Hahahaha...

Back to the 'tapau' topic, I am going to start a campaign to 'tapau' food for breakfast/lunch from home to reduce the plastic bag/polystyrenes usage among Malaysians.

I know many people can do this. The main challenge remains: who's going to cook/what to cook in the morning? Afraid not my dears, I've seen many people from my neighbourhood buying kuih and nasi lemak at the stalls by the road side and they all brought plastic containers from home. Although it did look funny the first time I saw it, now it's becoming common and I saw more people are shoving their tupperwares to the Makcik to fill them up with nasi lemak/bihun/kueh teow and the kuih.

So, what are you waiting for? Tonight (or this weekend) start rummaging the kitchen cabinet for those tupperwares. Good luck in finding the lids, hehehehe.


john f seademon said...

I try not to tapau things, and if I do, I use them tupperwares. I still prefer nasi lemak wrapped in daun pisang. PC monitors take up most power.

ku E said...

eh i thought i have already campaign about this many times in my blog, also in our "life is beautiful". i memang into green project, shopping also i brought my own shopping bag, everytime have to tell cashier, "i dun wanna plastic bag!" ;) when we went to pasar minggu also the same.

D.N.A.S said...

ok, kalau nak pegi tapau nasik lemak, bawak tupperware sendiri, alas dengan daun pisang siap-siap dari rumah. Okay tak? hehehehe.

I'm refreshing this 'go green' campaign. Will start a few other online campaigns soon. Hobi baru saya ialah berkempen. :)

Odie said...

Go GREEN Kak Dayang and friends!! Apa kata u beli our eco-message tee ;-) Check out my green blog. Tima kacih :-)

D.N.A.S said...

active jugak orang-orang kat Kertih ni rupanya, yek?
Saya pun nak start go green campaign kat opis ni semula.
Last year saya start bawak pasu bunga (dengan pokok bunganya sekali le) and then letak kat cubicle. Tapi orang lain taknak ikut sebab diorang cakap bunga tu nampak macam tak panjang umur je... cissss.

Zetty said...

i have bought that recycled shopping bag from jusco to avoid using plastic bags when i go groceries shopping.

and I have resorted to mandi sehari sekali on wknds to jimat air kehkehkehkeh.

lets save the planet, yo.