Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cerita pasal makan.... and diet.

I was having lunch with the subcontractors – all of them were Chinese males, today at Cyberjaya when one of them started talking about slimming pills. I was like, ‘Hellooooo, why are you guys discussing slimming pills? I thought only girls are into this thing?’ They went from the brands to the side effects to the people whom they know had allergies because of it.

I didn’t participate much because I was in awe listening to guys discussing about getting slimmer. The irony was we were having a really heavy lunch, loaded with carbs, protein, fat and sugar (Ipoh white coffee is rather sweet, isn’t it?)

Another reason why I decided not to participate in their intellectual discussion was because I was the one with the highest BMI at the table. The Chinese guys were all skinny but I guess all of them have really high metabolic rate (by looking at how they cleaned up their plates).

One of the skinny Chinese guys shared with us on the fastest way to get slimmer. It was from his experience. Not too long ago, he was down with fever and left alone in the house by his parents for 2 weeks. Being sick, weak, tired (and I guess he didn’t even have a clue on how to cook), he survived on bread and baked beans for the entire 2 weeks. When the parents were back, they were so surprised to see him looking gaunt as if all liquid has been sucked out of his body. He lost a total of 10 kg.

Everyone at the table was going ‘Aaaaaaaah’ and then all of them turned to look at me. Macam siot sungguh. I know, they meant to recommend me that deadly crash diet, but before any of them spoke, with my mouth full I told them,

‘Sorry, that won’t ever happen to me. I have a car and Giant is so near to my house.’

That’s when they decided to change the subject. Hehehehe.

Sila jangan cerita pasal diet bila makan dengan saya, okeh?


Leilanie said...


My husband and I were at Jusco last weekend. He got on a weighing scale at the home section, and by the time I knew it.... we've been eating bee hoon soup the past 4 nights......
Ya..... diet!

haa haa haa.

I love eating too..... well, we both love eating..... so our bee hoon soup like "mewah" full of garnishing and such! Diet? Not!

John F SeaDemon said...

I always go on a good diet...all the diet I eat are good stuff, cholesterol and fat-rich, creamy etc etc

Zara in Germany said...

wow kenapa mamat tu ada stock baked bean sampai cukup utk 2 wks? ntah2 psl makan roti expired kot yg kurus tu hehehe

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

I had a viral infection in December, 2 minggu takde selera. 5 kgs gone just like that. Works faster than exercise. Tapi merana la.

Zetty said...

bunch of guys talking abt diet?

kot makcik la kan, dah angkat pinggan pindah meja hehe.

D.N.A.S said...

weighing scale itu rosak, percayalah cakap I.

betul2. Itu namanya high cholesterol diet.

I think so too.

once u've recovered, your body will demand for more food in order to recuperate.

i teringin jugak nak buat camtu. Tapi that day, semua meja penuh le... tak patut la pulak nak makan bersila tepi kolam ikan tu kan?

all jazzed up said...

dnas, people always ask me how i lost weight... Rumours went around saying i took Herbalife.. and also.. jeng jeng jeng.. ecstasy pills! Bodoh kan? So everytime the ask.. I said "Go get a divorce la, gerenti kurus". Diam terus.

D.N.A.S said...

If ditakdirkan I were ever single again, I think I'll balloon up in no time sebab takde husband nak diajak jalan2 ke hulu ke hilir, sure makan lagi banyak to ease the loneliness and fill up my spare time.

Camana orang boleh cakap kau ni muka ecstasy, ek? Bila tengok kau mesti aku teringat lamb shank ngan pasta je.

john f seademon said...

Jazz kuat makan sekarang :p

Sarclover said...

i dont diet.

i work out and count calories... actually like organic foods.

ceh.. buat cerita tipu je.. ihihihi...

bila blej keluar for mochaaaaa????