Monday, June 09, 2008

Just had a break but need another one soon...

Today I am recuperating from two things: my 3 days holiday and the fuel price hike frustration.

It’s already 3.30pm and I am still feeling drowsy; even 3 cups of strong black coffee couldn’t wake me fully. Thank god the rest of the office is also as sleepy and looking just as demotivated; nobody’s requesting anything from me ever since morning.
The boss only stopped for awhile at my cubicle to tell me to prepare an orientation plan and one place for a new hire (replacement of The Diva).

Actually I was the one who recommended him to hire this engineer although his resume was not that impressive. I usually reject candidates with ‘too-good-to-be-true’ resumes. This particular candidate submitted a very simple CV so I actually investigated him (through my agents working in various IT companies in KL… hehehe). I’m paranoid like that most of the times and won’t simply hire some candidate who has a nice smile and made a good first impression during interview sessions. We are living in the IT era, but word of mouth is still very important. You can guess a person’s personality from her Facebook profile, but you’ll only get to know her if you’ve met her in person or mingle with her good friends.

So, until this new engineer report to work next Monday I’ll be somewhat idle most of the days this week. Can spend more time on Facebook, yeay!

(Skip the paragraphs below if you can’t stand any more opinions on the ‘minyak naik’ issue. I don’t want you to ‘naik minyak’ lagi…. )

On another note, I’m still rather pissed off with the fuel price hike. I might need to switch from using Shell V Power to cheaper options. The good thing is that I’m used to using an RM2 ++ per liter fuel, so paying an extra sens per liter would hurt a bit, but not too much, I guess (I hope… hehehe).

My greatest regret is the implementation and approach of this whole newly restructured fuel subsidy scheme. I think ¾ of Malaysian population has come up to terms with the fuel hike – it is inevitable, or so they said (well, at least that’s what I think the mainstream media has been trying to plant in our heads these past few days).

However, the implementation flaws are just too obvious. Read carefully every media statement made by the Minister in Charge and the PM himself. I am not a Project Manager, but I get a funny feeling that this was not properly planned and the implementation approach is just ‘reactive’. There’s no way for us to know whether this whole scheme has been planned since mid 2005 or only a few weeks ago or right after BN’s poor performance during the GE. A properly planned program/project/change shouldn’t be implemented so sudden, as if not giving any chance for the public to think and prepare for it.

As a result, there were negative reactions plus new development of distrust. As an adult, I was feeling both frustrated and insulted.

How would you feel when the government announced that Yes, they understood the people’s situation and will strategize more plans to help cushion the blow. So the officers in charge will be working throughout this weekend (for their first ever brainstorming session, I suppose) so that they could announce the plans on next Monday. Was there any study done by the subject matter experts before the government took this drastic action?
Shouldn’t those research papers be published somewhere? I’m neither an academician nor a politician, but I demand a proper project/program/change/scheme implementation with all the documentation in place. I sounded like my manager, I know. My conclusion is: Can we have better people to run the country, please?

... and please don't get me started on the fall back plans I expect the government to have in order to save the country's economy (especially our cost of living) as the inflation rate rises.


pijah said...

saya setuju dengan pendapat cik puan! it seems that the decision was done without much thought pun into it.

neomesuff said...

haaaaaaaa..bagus bagus..facebooking lah kita hehehe

dan marilah kita bili electric car yang boleh di charge di mana mana tiang letrik yg berdekatan...hehehhe

U.Lee said...

Hello, just a stranger from faraway being a busybody dropping by.
Very interesting post, and I like your mention of "his resume not not that impressive".....but you accepted him. Good for you. Outstanding!

I once a long time ago gave a young Malay girl wearing a tudung, a complete stranger to me a job.
It was her positive attitude...and even though I had no vacancies, we created one for her.
I never did look at her resume, took her word on it. And never did even as to what happened to her later. Something did happen to her, her destiny.
If you free, pop into my blog archive, see title, "A Malay girl and her destiny". D/d 2/12/08.

I employed a lot of people, normal admin as well senior execs...I hardly, like you get impressed with "too good to be true" resumes...and most times, even though I needed an experienced person, I took in, inexperienced graduates, even non graduates for posts needing graduates...

I gave them responsibilities, I gave them challenges, in other words, I only standing on a beach telling them how to swim...they then go into the water and learn themselves. Of course I kept one eye they don't drown or sink my ship.

I never looked at race or gender nor age, knowing we all have to eat.
I gave jobs meant for men, tough men to young women, I gave jobs to people without really looking at their resumes...I gave people jobs others would,'t touch with a 20 feet pole. left it to them to succeed or fail me.
And I am proud to say, I only looked at 3 resumes, 30 years! and out of three, two failed me.
But not one whom I never looked at their resumes...ever failed me.
I took in people who are, were better than me...
and all based on one simple question, when I ask them to jump, they answer, "how high you want me to jump"?
And? I gave them responsibility, they reward me their their innitiative, their ability.

I love your blog header title, reminds me of a movie. You have a nice weekend. Best regards, Lee.

D.N.A.S said...

diorang ni pernah jadik Project Manager ke tidak agaknya, ek?

I nak cari kereta yang fueled by air longkang ataupun air lombong.

D.N.A.S said...

hi! You're not a stranger in this blogworld. I've read some of your writings on your blog as well as at Ruby's.
I believe experience taught us well and I always give people a chance to prove themselves.