Tuesday, July 01, 2008

... and the decisions are.......

Well, I've spent over a week doing all the necessary thinking. At an average, I spent about 15 minutes per day thinking about them. As you can see, I am THAT calculative these days, after the petrol price hike. Now that Credit Card companies are going to charge 18% financial charges monthly, I am even more 'tangkai jering' than before.

Considering the rising inflation rate, I decided 'YES' I will move to JB if Mr Hubby allow me to become a full time housewife.

On the new MPV, 'YES' I just confirmed with the salesman that I'll be coming to the dealer's office to sign the official documents and trade in my Cinonit. Well, actually the decision to move to JB will be a 100% 'YES' if Mr Hubby agrees to pay for the new MPV's monthly installment, insurance and road tax. Hahahahaha.

Meanwhile, I'll be spending the next few months' salary clearing my credit card debt. So far, I managed to refrain myself from swiping the plastics for 2 months. TWO MONTHS you all! What an achievement. I am so proud of myself. Hii hii hiii!

Another even bigger decision I just made is to (finally) learn how to swim. Yeah, I told Sarcy to start swimming in order to lose her flab, but I also don't know how to. He he :)

I am still looking for a female swimming instructor who could come and teach at my office's pool. (YEAH, we have a 5 lanes swimming pool in the office, jangan jelesssss!!) It's near the cafeteria. Whenever we surfaced from the water, we could smell kaya toast and teh tarik!! Yummmmm! So, if you know any qualified female swimming instructor, please give me a ring/ SMS/ leave comment/ send msg at FB/ YM etc, okay?

Tapi, kalau dapat instructor macho macam dalam gambar ni, mesti lagi cepat aku pandai berenang, kan? Hehehe...!


john f seademon said...

Hehehe...dah ada kawan makan-makan in JB.

Instructor macho macam tu selalunya happy.

So baik kita buat food critic blog aje lepas ni.

Jade said...

alaaaa.... pindah JB kalu, lagi la tak der coffee session!

all jazzed up said...

dayang, i think you need the instructor in the picture lah.. both you and i need ... hehehe.. baru boleh kurus sebab insecure pakai swimsuit...

john f seademon said...

JZ...macam nak masukkan 1 gallon mash potatoes dalam tupperware sandwich kecik.

D.N.A.S said...

datangle sini minum kopi. Coffee machine kat depan cubicle saya ni je.

my hubby dah belikan burqini. So, bila pakai tetap rasa secure sentiasa. Aku selamba je pakai kat public pool sebab baju dia sekali ngan swimming cap (ala-ala purdah gitu). Muslimah betul aku kat dalam kolam.

bolehhhhhh..... kalau instant mash potatoes tu dia dalam bentuk serbuk je. Mesti muat punya nak masuk tupperware kecik.

Anonymous said...

wargh..kak dayang.. full time house wife?
jb? lps ni.. surely every month ler tersesat shopping kt singapore... huhuuhuh..