Friday, July 04, 2008

Cinonet for sale!!! Murah! Murah!

I bought Cinonet in November 2005, so she's not even 3 years old this month. It's a 1.5 VTEC engine that offers easy driving in the city area and steady speeding on Malaysian expressways (sebab kat Singapore, jangan haraplah aku boleh speed).

When I first decided to buy Cinonet, it was solely based on it's safety features. Imagine having 2 toddlers who constantly fight in the car. With toys and milk bottles flying while they play with the car windows, tell me who could concentrate on the road. The safety features that come with Cinonet somehow provide me some assurance that no matter what the kids are doing, they'll remain IN the car. Air bags, central window locking, child lock and seat-belts at the back seats are among the safety features worth mentioning.

The Cinonet's look can be deceiving. It looks small, but the cabin area is surprisingly comfortable, even with 5 adults in the car. Most of the times there are 4 adults + 2 kids.

I first booked a Silver colored Jazz, but ended up getting a Nighthawk Black just because I was listening to many disco songs on my laptop at that time. Funny, eh? How songs can influence your decisions on other things. Anyway, Black Jazz makes heads turn in this city. Why? I don't have the answer. Maybe it's because of some 'X' factor that attracts the youth (and veterans as well).

As the saying goes, If you love somebody/something let her go. Same fate with my Cinonet. With growing kids (who are growing at an unbelievable speed), it's now quite a hassle to ferry 4 adults + 2 kids in this Cinonet. Wazif has been complaining regarding leg rooms since early this year. Shawqi has been fighting the front passenger seat with ME! He always ended up sitting and jumping on my lap. Imagine a long distance journey with them, haiyo.... pening kepala and sakit kaki aku.

So, two months ago we decided to get an MPV. It was fun visiting the car dealers and shopping centers just to get into as many MPVs as we could. We finally decided on one sometime end of May and placed a booking.

Now that my loan has been approved and all paper works will be finalized tomorrow, I'm letting my Cinonet go. Tsk tsk tsk ....


Jade said...

which MPV? still by H ke? hehehe...

Sarclover said...

how much how much!!!

DrFrappucino said...

know what they say... Black is the new black

Ms Lola said...

How is the fuel consumption? And brp liter is the fuel tank?

Big Buzz said...

how much do u want to sell?

D.N.A.S said...

big buzz,
please email me at dayangnoor at gmail dot com for the price.

nanti I msg you kat FB.

ya betuuuul!

wow, never realized you have a great taste in fashion!

ms lola,
the tank is same size with Honda City. Before the fuel price hike, I spent RM50 of Shell VPower to travel from KL-JB.
These days, full tank is about RM120 (VPower). Can travel KL-Trengganu if you maintain speeding below 120Km/H.

Maya said...

mmm..macam kenal je parking lot iteww..cinonet memang cantik..ish if i were you..sayang juga nak lepas tu..:)

D.N.A.S said...

I parked kat depan store lama tu. Security guard kat depan tu mesti heran semacam tengok I ambik gambar keta sendiri.

john f seademon said... kalau convert to rally specs berapa nak kena ni...anti-roll bar, bucket seats with 5-point harnesses etc etc...

hanazie said...

safety? bukan dulu kau beli cinonet tu sbb nak tukar sound system je ke?
aku actually looking for new car too.. but that cinonet is to cinonet for me la.. i'm eyeing sedara cinonet.. sbb tu la aku call kau dulu, kot2 laki kau nak jual kete dia instead..

nikfarizah said...

dnas, sorry tumpang advertise...anybody interested to buy my 'Honda City, IDS-i (A), 2005'...also black in color, selling off at lower than market price!!

Thanks my dear...

D.N.A.S said...

best gak idea you tu... Nanti boleh lumba kat Pasir Gudang.

ya betul....aku terpikir nak tukar keta dulu disebabkan oleh stereo keta.
Kalau kau minat Civic, baik order brand new punya. I don't think can get a good 2nd hand price.

silaaaa... boleh advertise kat sini. I suka. Glamer blog I nanti... hehehehe.

oOFooi said...

The car seem to be in good condition. Would really wanted to owe it but I do not have the budget for this car. :(

D.N.A.S said...

Hi oofooi,
the fuel consumption is very economical. In a long run, owning this Jazz is much cheaper.

Ejey M. said...

Hi Dnas,

I am active member of Official MJFFC (Malaysian Jazz & Fit Friends Club), and I can advert ur Chinonet in the forum, if u dont mind..

Adding more pic can attract ppl to buy ur car ;-)

Good luck!

D.N.A.S said...

Hi Ejey m.
that would be great. Thanks.

I have also registered myself at MJFFC but haven't found the time to publish this ad yet.

I've advertised at and the response is overwhelming. My phone has been ringing from morning until midnight. I haven't decided on the buyer because there are a few who sounds really serious. Currently I am still arranging for car viewing sessions.

Evo said...

I bought Cinonet in November 2005, so she's not even 3 years old this month.

Mmm... Just curios about this and want to know more.

How much you sell the price of ur jazz?

Don't you mind by respond to my email at as I have a few more question to ask.

Thank you :)