Friday, July 25, 2008

Hapdet pada hari Jemahat.

Kita mulakan dengan iklan:

Iklan satu

FYI, Aizat’s CD is now available in the market. My colleague, Sukiman the tokey .mp3 bought one and all of us have ripped it with our iTunes. Anyway, I might also get one to be played in the car. Although I can always burn the .mp3 onto a CD-R, having the album cover plus all the pictures and Thank You notes inside the booklet means a lot to me. So, all the tokey2 kedai Cd, don’t worry. There are still things that digital technology can’t replace.

I have to admit that Aizat is the most talented student AF has produced so far. Everyone will just shut their mouths and listens whenever he starts to sing. I am so glad that his debut album became a reality. All the songs are so my taste; that I can just listen to them in the car over and over again - all the way from KL to JB (soon! When I have to go down south a few times a month). Three of his songs have been playing at Era for a few months. So, pegilah beli uooooolllllsssss!

Iklan dua

Para peminat teater sekalian, marilah kita beramai-ramai pergi menonton pementasan Teater Malam 7 Drama 7 Duri oleh STEFANI (Sanggar Teater Fauziah Nawi) dari 25 Julai - 2 Ogos.

Maklumat terperinci boleh didapat dengan meng'klik' pautan ini.

Have you ever lived a day (or a few) where everything turned out so well you thought you were dreaming? Yeah, everything seemed too good to be true that you started thinking you were in somebody else’s shoes.

Earlier this month (as well as June and May), my work life was filled with a lot of crap. Then, there was the fuel price hike, followed by plunging Unit Trust NAV, sudden fall of second hand car price and the worst was dramatic increase of car loan interest for imported cars (I think Proton/Perodua car buyers are well protected and won’t feel the blow).

All the bad news came hitting me pretty hard. They came at the worst time – when I was about to trade in my car and get a new one. I told Mr. Hubby to scrap the whole thing off, let me just drive Cinonet for 10 more years – I wouldn’t mind a bit. But Mr. Hubby kept on reminding me on why I needed the MPV so much that I decided to carry on with the plan.

The second hand car price fell so low that I decided to advertise Cinonet on my own in order to get a buyer. The result was overwhelming. A few minutes after the online advertisement was put up at my cell phone started ringing and continued on ringing until midnight. This went on for a few days. There were many individuals who were interested to buy but when I told them my selling price and what they’d be paying the finance, they just went silent. There were also many 2nd hand car dealers who persistently called me until about two days ago. They were terribly good at bargaining that I decided to let them speak directly with Mr Hubby regarding the price. I’m seriously not good at bargaining – try me – the price will never go down.

So, a few days ago we decided on one serious buyer for my Cinonet and the paper works should be settled soon.

The good things started happening ever since yesterday morning. I passed an exam that I was so afraid to take – even when somebody mentioned the certification name in front of me; it brought chills down my spine. When I came back to office, everybody was congratulating me and later in the afternoon I received an email confirming an additional incentive for the certification I took (RM! RM! RM!) Makcik gumbira!

Last night we performed a data migration for some of the most critical applications at the office. Those were the applications that made most people’s blood went upstairs for the past few years. The performance was so bad, every page access just crawled. So, my team migrated the applications to virtualized hardware (yeah, the picture of a bunch of small servers I pasted here last month!!). This morning, I came to the office and was greeted with many smiling faces. Everybody seemed so happy with the much improved system performance and I received another round of congratulations followed by emails of puji-pujian from the Management. Kembang idung makcik.

Before I could fully recover from the shower of gratitude, the car salesman called to confirm that he has completed all paperwork at JPJ. However, he could not register my new car to have a Selangor plate number as the current numbering is BKC – that rhymes and will remind everybody of Bankruptcy. So, I got a Wilayah plate number instead and the number turned out to be Mr. Hubby’s birthday! Yeay! I didn’t pay a cent to bid for a ‘nice’ number; it’s just my luck I guess. Sengih lagi makcik.

When I think back, life is not that crappy after all. Bad things came in serial mode, good things came in parallel. Let’s have a joyful weekend, everybody!


all jazzed up said...

Yeah, that's the roller coaster we call life. Anyway, Aizat tu is my ex-boss' son. Haha.

Jade said...

congratulations for all the good news you're getting! hehehe... i feel happierwhen i read your post!

guess499 said...

Aah betul lah.. rasa cam inspire sket. Congratulation!

Maya said...

wah bestnyer..good for you..makcik pun tumpang gumbira jugaa..and i like that - Bad things came in serial mode, good things came in parallel.

AM said...

mencari album Aizat di mana2 di JB ni tapi belum ketemu.