Monday, August 11, 2008

Eden nak poie London....

I’m going to London this Friday and I have no idea what to expect or do there. I’ve been to a few parts of the world but never the UK. I know there are many ‘must go’ places where you have to snap photos as proofs to your relatives that you’ve been to London, but I’m not the showing off kind (wargh hahahahaha!). Maybe I should visit museums, historical buildings and art galleries but the kids will lose interest after 2 minutes.

Shopping will not be the main agenda as I’ve spent most of my money on the new Stream. Even if I have the money to shop, I wouldn’t know what to buy because miraculously these days I am feeling quite happy with everything I’ve stuffed in my wardrobe. So, who says women are insatiable (when it comes to shopping)?

Sightseeing with the cam-coder should be quite interesting; I can get one of my nieces to become the narrator.

This is the thing about me, whenever I’m planning for an overseas trip I don’t know what to do yet I don’t want to do things that other people would usually do. I always visualize the trip will somehow turn into one of the Explorace series.

There was a time when I was on business trip to Turkey, my colleagues and I only planned to go there and complete our work. Then on a sunny Sunday morning, the three of us just jumped into the company car and drove aimlessly to the Asia side. Equipped with an unreliable city map, we just drove until we reached a really dense squatters area where the roads could only allow one car to pass at one time. We stopped at a local wet market and bought fruits. The people’s lifestyle and living condition just humbled me in every way. The view at that village was not something that will ever be featured in the Visit Turkey pamphlet. Getting out of the village was quite an adventure as we had to squeeze the car through the narrow dusty road with a few pickup trucks coming from the opposite way.

When I visited Las Vegas, my colleague and I decided to walk from our hotel at The Strip to Hard Rock Café – just to snap a few photos with the giant guitar; and then we walked back. The next day we took the bus – just to get the daily bus pass so that I could put it in my album.

When I went to Dubai, my colleague recommended me a textile shop which sold really cheap 'kain ela' and I decided to have a Baju Kurung custom made for me - just for the sake of wearing a Baju Kurung made in Dubai. They completed the baju overnight, but the cutting sucked, okay.

During the time when my family went for umrah, my brother and I didn’t stay at our hotel rooms at night. Instead, we went into every perfume shop nearby Masjidil Haram just to find one smell which I found so intriguing at the mosque. We never found the perfume and we didn’t buy anything. We were not even sure whether it was Attar or what. A few years later I found out that it was actually Burberry.

I am always looking for some kind of (stupid) small adventure at foreign places. I just don’t want to do the normal stuffs. So, people please suggest what I should do in London.


john f seademon said...

It's August so it would still be good if you could go on those open-top tour buses that will take you to the interesting places in London. Your kids might enjoy that. Another is to go on the HMS Belfast, a Second World Was cruiser that is now a museum. The kids would enjoy that too.

Let me know when you're coming back. I need you to tapau me an authentic fish and chips, and cod roe from the local chippy. Hopefully I tak mati kempunan this year.

Jade said...

meet up with fellow bloggers there.. hehehe...

mummy Darin said...

wa.. pergi London yek, musz pun x tau nak suggest apa coz x pernah sampai, even transit pun x pernah.. kejam tul.. Jijul dulu setakat jenjalan kat taman, tgk muzium, pegi Malaysia Hall, jenjalan kat shopping mall, then jangan lupa singgah kat London Bridge and jgn lupa naik London.. pstt.. pesan Tie Rack bley??

Anonymous said...

kak dayang,

Naik tube.


Adlina said...

eat krispy kreme donuts. hee hee...


Anonymous said...

london bridge is falling down... hehehe..

syok nyer kak dayang.. berjalan ajer di mana2... just make sure.. enjoy..

anedra said...

Hmmm..I love the markets. If u have time go to the market kat Liverpool Street - I think it's called petticoat lane market. Also go to Covent's a bit artsy market, ada banyak street performers. And the market in NottingHill..but I think yang ni buka masa weekend je. Not really to buy stuff but for the atmosphere. Dont just stay in London - a trip to Cambridge would be really nice esp in summer ..and perhaps go to Bath too. It's about 1.5hrs drive from London. That way u get to see the country side too.

I could go on..sigh..NAK IKUT!!!

anedra said...

Oh- speakers corner at hyde park. have a picnic!! and go see a westend production - Miss Saigon or Phantom of the Opera - whatever!

Told ya I could go on!

elara said...

Wax museum, madam tussaude, near to Berkeley line tube station is a must in london fyi.

House of parliment, trafagar square, natural history museum for photo shoots. Don't forget MSD-malaysian students dept in london if craving for malaysian foods.

High street store w clothes that are not pricey is Primark. Look for it as well. You'll be surprised wht is in store for u there.

Enjoy you holiday in london.

neomesuff said... till u drop heheh

D.N.A.S said...

Hi you all!!!
Thanks for all the suggestions. At least now I can start filling up my itinerary.
so sorry I'll only be in London for a few days. I'll be going to Lancaster for the 2nd half of my holiday. So, I'll be flying back from Manchester instead of LHR.

Ogik said...

For the kids, if they like dinosaurs then go to National History Museum. The National Science Museum just next door. Entrance:FOC.

Harrods & Royal Albert Hall just walking distance from the museums.

@Lancaster, ada warehouse jual Corelle tp pattern lama.

eyna said...

dee.. i help carry ur bags if u bring me along.. can??? hehehe..

enjoy ur holiday.. just listen to ur feet. they will bring wherever u wanna be.. :D

wanshana said...

London - I think the other commenters have covered almost all wajib sight-seeing to be done there :)

If you're into shopping, why don't y'all sewa a car and drive up to Designer Outlet Stores in Bicester or Ashford from London? The latter is bigger, though :) Takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours drive.

If sewa kereta a few days, can also bring the kids to LEGOLAND!!! (I think this is nearer to Windsor)

Have fun!!!!

Maya said...

surf for tour package that covers madam tussaud, london eye, cruise, london free bus ride to these places..mb satu hari pun x cukup to can skip the cruise..jangan lupa to flee market

D.N.A.S said...

Wah, makin banyak cadangan menarik nih. Thanks you all.

Leilanie said...

blum tolak lagi kan........

Hmm..... London this time of the year.........

Hyde Park - go to the one near Marble Arch.

I'd buy a sandwich (or two) and chocolates, and I'd choose a bench and just sit there to enjoy the breeze, the sky (though somewhat gloomy) and just enjoy my sandwich, chocolate (and jangan lupa beli orang juice / cranberry juice!) and just "people watch".

You may sit near Marble Arch (take the subway - Central Line...... or Piccadilly Line); and if lucky, hear some nonsense at the Speaker's Corner.

Enjoy your trip......
and oh........ by the way.....

maszuzu said...

waa..zeles..zeles..i miss london..

1. buy all cheap and nice stuffs at the charity shop
2. jln2 hyde park
3. kalau2 terasa nak naik london eye..kire ok la...can see big ben from up there and whole of thames
4. minum teh tarik and eat char koay teow at mara house aka naha
5. portobello flea market
6. if u r driving up to lancaster, pie la singgah tempat shakespeare, pastuh pie stonehenge

hmmm...dan macam2 lagi laaa..

go to the lake..nice lakes..naik steam train..

anyway..enjoy...maner2 pun's still uk kan..

AM said...

saya suka entri ini :D