Monday, October 06, 2008

Asal Raya je aku demam, asal aku demam aje time Raya.

Okay, tell me what's the point of going back to work so early after raya? I bet most of my colleagues are now busy updating each other on their balik kampung stories or at least how they got stuck on the Karak highway for 5 hours. How much work can be done right after a long celebration? Usually some would start, but none completed. There'll be just too much distraction. People would come to our cubicle offering raya cookies, serunding, invitation to open houses and then we would end up chit chatting for 20 minutes only to realize that it's already time for lunch.
My point is, don't bother going back to work on the first week after raya - continue celebrating or hibernating in your nests.

If you're done gossiping with the girl from the next cubicle, here's my raya picture taken in front of our Bandar Kinrara house right after the Raya prayer. My baju was made for my niece's wedding that took place in August. Since I was so lazy to go and buy another baju, I just wore this one - macam baju kumpulan Berzanji je kan?

Baju Melayu Johor yang dibeli kat Angsana aritu. Shawqi will always ask for Baju Melayu Johor because the collar is more comfortable. But the seluar didn't make it until the end of the day sebab sudah terkoyak kat lutut after tersagat kat tanah when he fell at one of the relatives' houses kat kampung.

Isy.... pagi raya pun kena jugak check eBay. Kang kalau ada Jersey lawa-lawa kang, kalau tak bid melepas pulaaaak.

Anak orang Melaka kat atas tangga Melaka di negeri Melaka. Now Wazif shapes his 'remos' like an awning. Jangan sentuh 'remos' dia, nanti dia marah....

My Kebaya Raya. Putih tuuu..... macam tak percaya pandai pakai baju putih. Wazif in his baju askar.

I realized I would be down with fever during raya whenever I attempted to prepare the juadah and lauk pauk on Raya eve. Maybe there's just too much heat absorbed by the body during the cooking or by just simply being in the kitchen.

Daging lembu Australia masak rendang style Nyonya Mansoor. I didn't go to the Pasar Borong sebab malas nak bangun pagi-pagi.

Sambal udang petai style Masak-masak Rumah Sewa. Actually one of my housemates in Seri Serdang taught me how to cook this a long, long time ago.

Sambal kacang style orang Bera. Less sugar, less salt, extra chilli boh.

Masak Lodeh ala Nyonya Mansoor. However, not suitable for vegetarian sebab ada tumis udang kering.

All the Nyonya Mansoor recipes were from my MIL. Dia kan dulu duduk Singapore. So, all her cooking are either Singaporean or Malaccan style - super creamy, super hot and super deliciousssss... yummm...

To my friends who are having open houses this weekend, have fun OK... I'll not be able to attend as I'll be in JB and Kulai during the weekend - ada wedding. But if you're having your open house in JB on Saturday, please invite me... hehehehe... (muka tak malu sungguh...)


Marliza Radzi. said...

nak lodeh!!!

lapar seh.

Zetty said...

tu semua trick tak nak ke dapur la tu...terus demam! haha.

D.N.A.S said...

kat kedai makan kat KL, susah nak jumpa lodeh kan? yang diorang selalu jual tu kuah lemak tempe je.

I dok kat dapur tau... dok tepi api dapur sampai 5 jam. Itu pasal lah demam.