Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kadang-kadang Makcik meghoyan

Ini salah satu episod meroyan dalam hidup makcik.

The house has always looked like 'tongkang pecah' or sometimes 'orang tak abis pindah', which I have always turned one blind eye to. If I were to keep everything tidy and neat, I would only get to hit the bed at 2a.m every night, so most of the times I decided to just let my two superheroes tidy up their toys, bags and books. After almost 3 years of schooling, the result was even a more chaotic 'tongkang pecah' with a few corners becoming eye sores in the house.

We decided to find a storage solution for the kids' school bags, books, swimming/gym bags (those belong to me... hehehe), toys and some unidentified tiny objects lying on the floor (you know, those mean tiny toys that when accidentally stepped on, can bring you yelping and yelling).

Mr Hubby bought a cheap but sturdy storage compartment and the kids happily moved their things from the floor into the new 'gobok'.

And the result was still an eye sore!

Here I reveal part of the eye sore. Can't reveal much as I don't want you all to get 'ketumbit' this Open House season.

Books and stationary started to fall out from the compartment back onto the floor after a few weeks as a result of 'rajin sangat mengemas'. The kids found it more convenient as all they needed to do was throw everything in instead of tidying things up. Dust has started to gather everywhere too.

So, again we needed to find another solution to the overflowing compartment. Well, at least find a solution to cover it up.

Off we went to buy some low maintenance dark colored fabric from IKEA for the solution. Mr. Hubby asked how am I going to make the cover. I told him I will sew them-handstitched (chewah, dengan confidentnyaaa!)

It turned out, sturdy fabrics are damn difficult to sew. Tebal nak mampus, okeh.
So, I got myself another solution. Taaaaadaaaaaaaaaa!

I went to get the cheapest Singer machine I found at Carrefour. The sales lady asked me jokingly why was I buying a sewing machine, "Mau jahit langsir ka amoi?" To which I replied with a very serious face:
"Ha'ah, ya lah... nak kena tukar langsir, dah buruk sangat."
The sales lady looked astonished. Tau la kan, muka makcik ni memang takde muka Martha Stewart. Tapi Martha Stewart pun selalu jahit perca kain je aku tengok.

Anyway, the sales lady was kind enough to show me how to use the machine on the spot. Tapi 10 minit je! Nasib baik Makcik ni pelajar cemerlang.
So, that night I burned the midnight oil to master the machine and finish the cover. 

Finally, the eye sore was covered. FYI, perhiasan di rumah saya ialah Tranformers, Hot Wheels, rasaksa cite BEN10 dan figurine lain yang sewaktu dengannya.

And Mr. Hubby got a new curtain for his work area too! I haven't been sewing curtains for more than 18 years! The last time was when my dormmates were involved in 'kerahan tenaga' in STF when we had to sew the curtain for the whole of Block Mahsuri! Yeah, if any of the Srikandis remembers those curtains with gambar buluh-buluh warna kuning tuuuuuu..... makcik pun tolong jahit tau. To all my ex-dormmates, thank you for all the curtain sewing tips and tricks. Bukan senang tau nak jahit pita langsir dengan lurus sepanjang 2 meter with steady hands. 


hazyr said...

Was I part of the kerahan tenaga too? Emmm... maybe la kot since C-10 sebelah C-8 je kan..

Can't remember the sewing part but definitely can still remember those bamboo stripes curtains! Cantik pe ;)

pijah said...

so the very domestic goddess you!! last year new oven! this year new sewing machine!

wanshana said...

Tahun depan boleh bukak kelas menjahit... Kalau tak pun, boleh volunteer kat KEMAS. Hehehe!

Anyway, well done! Terharu I tengok ada gak budak STF yang terror menjahit... Eherks.

D.N.A.S said...

hmmm... can't remember who else was there camping in the Bilik Jahitan, but it was fun lah...

ni pengaruh kengkawan le nih...

Kak Shana,
Ada sorang ni lagi terror... nama dia Salika. Boleh buat dresses and pyjamas lagik...

ku E said...

haluuu... where you bought the curtain fabs, it looks fabulous!!! butterfly is my most fav :)

D.N.A.S said...

IKEA maliiiiiiiii....

Donno why but I suddenly have this thing for butterflies these days. I also bought Aussino fitted sheet with pink butterflies the other day at Alamanda.

ku E said...

alright then... i'll get my lil' sis to buy for me the fabs first :)

about the aussino thingy, i bought mine too last year. wonder whether its the same with you. i really take a very good care of it. its white! plus with embroidered butterflies some more... so i make sure to hang it dry under the shades. puteri also has a set for her single bed, but her matching cushions are pink. i wanna post the pics too, but always forgot lol...

i am really crazy about anything butterfly as long as it look nice. actually my mom and aunties were the one who love butterfly so much since long time ago. when i started working, i bought them some butterfly stuff whenever i saw any wherever i went. shops for them, finally i also fell in love with butterflies ;)

p/s check this out :~)

wahhh... terpanjang lebor plak comment lol...

D.N.A.S said...

you boleh geng dengan Mariah Carey, lah.

I got myself a different pattern of butterfly bed sheet and definitely not white. I have way too many history with white fabric.