Monday, December 22, 2008

KL Love Stories: Part 2

For every love affair is always multifaceted, before you decided to do it (having extra marital affair that is) just stare deeply into your spouse's and children’s eyes. Spend more time with older people, your parents especially as they will remind you about a lot of things – especially about keeping the family happy, having the mutual trust and respect which is much required for a successful married life.

The love story: Part 2 - The other side of the story

Marlia realized she has been too busy keeping up with career and family demands she hadn’t saw her close girlfriends for many months. Zulfan, her husband had not been able to help out a lot these days. She had to do almost everything from dawn to bedtime herself.; preparing her 2 kids for school, going to work from 9 to 5, fetching the kids in the afternoon and later coaching them with the homework. Zulfan had been rather busy. They’re seeing less and less of each other.

Whenever dining alone, Marlia couldn’t help wondering whether Zulfan had had his dinner or still preparing some report or plan or proposal whichever document he needed to submit soonest. She’s not Superwoman but she tried her best to keep the house in order, did the chores herself and by 11pm she would be lying exhausted in bed – alone. This went on for a few months. Lethargic and company deprived, at times Marlia just lost it in front of the kids. She didn’t break down; sometimes she was oversensitive over petty things that she’d scold the kids without any particular reason. Although the kids were too small to understand the whole thing she was going through, they knew she was upset.

Marlia didn’t know how long she could cope up with all that; she was contemplating quitting her job so that she could just concentrate on her family when she received a phone call from a stranger,

‘We don’t know each other and we’ve never met before,’ the man on the other line said. Marlia was confused and at the same time her heart was pounding inside. What’s all these?

‘I just want to tell you that your husband has got a big problem.’ He wanted to tell her something, but seemed like he wanted to play a game first.

‘Just tell me straight up, don’t keep me guessing. Who are you?’ Marlia was not a naturally patient woman. She needed to know there and then.

‘You don’t have to know me, but I will call you again,’ he’s still trying to fish her into the game.

‘If I don’t know you, then stop calling me, damn it!’ there, she lost it and the stranger slammed the phone after hearing her scream.

Her heart was pounding so loudly when she dialed Zulfan’s number. She related the whole weird conversation she just had with the stranger. Zulfan paused for some time before telling her that they’ll talk about it when he came home that night.

Marlia didn’t want to guess what was going on although her instinct was telling her that Zulfan might be having an affair with another girl. The girl could be the caller’s sister, girlfriend or even wife. She tried not to think about it but the possibilities kept popping in her head for the rest of the day.

That night Zulfan told her the whole truth (or perhaps all the things that he thought should be shared with her at that stage of discovery). It was true; he had an affair with some guy’s wife and regretted it. He told her it was more than just having dinner together. She refused to listen to more details; she knew she would throw up if he started talking about what they did behind closed doors.

Marlia felt like she was pinned to the chair throughout Zulfan’s confession session. She had every right to be angry and threw plates or furniture at him. He deserved it, but she decided not to. Marlia kept her cool, listened attentively at his every word. She tried not to sound jealous, angry or bias. Zulfan apologized – twice if she remembered correctly. She didn’t say she’d forgive him. Then, she decided to give him a short lecture. Nothing emotional; she just told him straight in the face what a fool he had been and in the future she would always remind him to stay away from extra marital affair. Zulfan was silent when she gave her piece of mind. He looked miserable but Marlia couldn’t tell whether he’d repent.

The next day Marlia and Zulfan went to see the stranger and then learned that his name was Shahril. He came with his 1 year old daughter. Sarah decided not to come and meet them face to face as she claimed she was still traumatized by the whole thing. Zulfan and Marlia knew it was just a lame excuse. If she started the whole thing, then what was the trauma all about? Marlia’s best guess was that she was traumatized by Zulfan’s rejection.

Zulfan apologized to Shahril again but it was clear he’s not ready to forgive him. It was rather tense when Zulfan apologized again and again but Shahril stuck to his opinion. Surprisingly Marlia told Shahril to relay the message to Sarah that she’d forgiven her for whatever she’d done although she never said sorry for having the affair. Marlia knew she didn’t want to have a prolonged issue with a selfish, stupid bitch. That was when she decided she’d just want to forget the whole thing, turn over a new leaf and give Zulfan another chance.

She could have just left him; she didn’t have any problem surviving alone as a single mother. Being betrayed, no matter how subtly it was handled and discussed over it still hurt like hell. But she knew it was not a good time for her being selfish or cry over spilled milk; she decided to nurse her own wound and start making the marriage worked better – for the sake of her innocent children.


Jade said...

hmm.. i know it's all about responsibilities and not being selfish. but it is sad that people have to stay in a possibly loveless or unhappy marriage for the sake of the children... sedih tau... coz i've seen the same scenario before... :-(

eyna said...

i always believe in 2nd chance but not to having affair thingy. anyway, women compromise in every aspect, simply because they are wiser in decision making...

once bitten, twice shy.

citer la lagi...

D.N.A.S said...

reality sucks. What to do.

yes, of course women are wiser. That's why men can never have enough of us.

mummy Darin said...

what happen if one day marlia or shahril buat apa yg husband or wife dia dah buat??

Spena said...

You are tagged my friend...