Thursday, December 18, 2008

KL Love Stories

I don’t write romances and my friends call me ‘heartless’. But as much as I love true ghost stories, I also love listening/reading about real love stories – usually those that don’t end with ‘happily ever after’ cliché. So, for this (bloody boring) holiday season, I present you a few love stories that will come in 3 installments. Watch this URL for more.

Love story 1:

Sarah’s marriage was not on the rocks, she was just unhappy. That was when she met Zulfan, a father of 2 who has been loyal to the wife ever since the day they tied the knot. Sarah’s husband loved her and their firstborn. He loved them so much he did everything for her. There was nothing wrong with the marriage, but Sarah was just plain unhappy. She didn’t feel that the husband was treating her right or love her enough.

When she saw Zulfan she started to like him immediately. There was something about him that made her feel special. He was funny, witty and a great company. Sarah knew he’s married and vice versa. But they continued seeing each other together with friends and sometimes they had the opportunity to be alone – just the two of them.
Zulfan played along well in the game. A carefree woman who laughed at his jokes was quite good to find. He listened to her whining about her unhappy marriage and a husband who didn’t try to understand her. Spending time with another adult woman who could discuss adult issues wouldn’t hurt – or so that’s what Zulfan thought initially.

As they grew closer, Sarah couldn’t fight her feelings any more. She realized she has started to fall for Zulfan – or so that’s what she thought then. At the same time she started fantasizing having Zulfan as her life partner instead of her nagging husband. Maybe Zulfan can take her away from her miserable life. He looked like somebody who’s doing very well at the DOLLAR department. His looks, his clothes, his wheels and even his address suggested that the figures of his bank accounts were impressive. And yet, he was so down to earth and understanding. Sarah knew that Zulfan might be her way out – out of her currently miserable marriage. That’s when she started taking more aggressive steps.

Zulfan knew he’s in trouble when Sarah started telling her feelings towards him. He could live with having another woman or a few just for fun and flirting around. But when she started coming strong on him, he knew it’s time to back off. He told her that didn’t want to be part of the unhealthy game anymore and she was devastated. The embarrassment and frustration was too much, she had to share it with her husband – but tweaked the story a bit. She made it as though Zulfan was the one chasing her.

Woman being woman (emotional, impatient and stupid at the same time) Sarah didn’t realize the consequences until her furious husband and his friend paid Zulfan a visit. They went to give him a firm warning. Zulfan walked totally out of her life soon after. He had nothing to lose, thus he didn’t give a damn. However, what’s done was done. Sarah’s marriage was not the same. Her husband couldn’t forgive her and Zulfan – not just yet. When the time comes, maybe he might. Now that the damaged is done, Sarah knew she had screwed one of the best things that have ever happened to her – her marriage.

These days, when she looked at her baby she couldn’t help thinking of what could have become of her little girl if she’d walked out of the marriage. Although she was still angry and embarrassed of her stupidity, she was glad she didn’t go too far and today she still has her precious family. It’s time to learn how to love her husband again.

Love story 2 coming up next….. be patient ya…


renaye said...

actually this story happens in real life. i have read in magazines before.

D.N.A.S said...

Yes it happened to 2 ppl i know. One in early 2007, the other abt 2 mths ago. Quite common these days, huh?

Nour said...

oh my...i have also encountered real life cases where both parties (both being married to their respective spouses) having feelings for each other and eventually decided to actually divorce their partners and marry each other.

all jazzed up said...

Apasal nama dia Zulfan? heheeheh

D.N.A.S said...

itu jodoh namanya... hehehe. Both were getting second chances. Hope the ex-spouses are doing well too.

Zulfan - bukan nama sebenar.

mommy arissfiq said...

goshh!!!.....the story, 'Sarah' and 'Shahril' sounds familiar laa......(was it the same "Shahril" ????? hmmmmm)

D.N.A.S said...

mommy arissfiq,
Shahril - bukan nama sebenar.