Monday, January 26, 2009

A breezy CNY

I am spending CNY break in Kuantan. It's just after monsoon season; it's breezy and beautiful waves are gracing the beaches here. This is the first time I'm watching people surfing in Malaysia. Never knew this could be done here. I heard people also go to some of the beaches in Cherating to surf.

CNY in Malaysia is celebrated just like Hari Raya Puasa hols. Everybody will try to find a reason to leave KL for a few days. In a way this will give the city an opportunity to detox, I guess. Less people, less pollution, less crime and less damage done on wallets and credit cards.

At the hotel I'm staying, about 80% of the cars here bear Wilayah plate numbers. The rest are Singaporeans. Most schools in Selangor are going for 1 week leave. More reasons to travel around the country this festive season. But we're only spending the holidays in Kuantan and my hometown. My pockets already have so many holes. LOL.

Happy CNY to all my Chinese friends! Be strong as an ox this year as we all know that global economy recession is not going away so soon - not even by some magical announcements from Obama.

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