Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pregnancy is contagious, no?

About 3 weeks back, there was some sort of commotion in the office when the boss found out that 3 of his staffs got pregnant. Our team is one of the busiest in the organization as we deliver Deskt0p Management and Content Security services. The engineers are seldom in the office. Most of the times we are shorthanded and I have to assign the same engineer to attend a few customers in a day.

So, when the boss learned that 3 of the ladies conceived about the same week, he almost fainted. Even now, with 7 engineers running around town everyday we are sometimes quite behind in project and support delivery, what would happen when 3 of them go on maternity leave at the same time? I was not that worried when I heard the news because I know we still have about 8 months to plan. The boss then suddenly announced that the preggie quota of the year was full and advised the rest to avoid getting pregnant (although it’s only January!) He is so ‘kalut’, I know…

In the middle of all that fuss, my lunch buddie, Mrs. S (who happened to report to this same boss a few years ago) decided to tease him a bit. She sent an SMS to congratulate him for having so many preggie ladies in the team. He replied and expressed his concerns about losing 3 engineers for 2 months. Mrs. S’s reply was “Are you sure you’ll lose 3? I heard 4 of them are pregnant?”

Again, the boss almost fainted and showed the SMS to another colleague, Mr. SH who happened to be in my Facebook friends list. Upon seeing the text message Mr. SH suddenly remembered that a few weeks back I posted a link to download The Ovulation Calendar and entitled it ‘Let’s get pregnant’. By then the boss and Mr. SH suspected that I was the mastermind behind this getting pregnant ‘beramai-ramai’ conspiracy. I was later bombarded with SMS from the boss and of course I denied everything. Hey, I was not responsible of other people’s wives getting pregnant, ok. Ask their husbands lah.

Later that day, I bumped into Mr. SH in the office and he asked very loudly whether I was pregnant. I told him NO, but he questioned why I posted such link in my Facebook. Penat makcik kena explain kat dia it was just a link to download The Ovulation Calendar and it doesn’t mean I was telling everybody to get pregnant at the same time. Makcik heran lah dengan jantan-jantan ni. Agaknya kalau kita setakat pegi window shopping kat kedai Modern Mum, mesti dia ingat kita ni pregnant, ye?

Since these 2 jantans and a few other jantans on the floor were so suspicious, I put my Facebook status as ‘I am not pregnant’ so that everybody would stop speculating. I was already having PMS then. Luckily these kepochis tak kena maki. However, the gossiping and teasing didn’t stop. The preggie ladies kept on telling me that getting pregnant was contagious in our department- how unusual.

When I went down to surau that day, another preggie lady from another department (who also happens to be in my Facebook friends list) rubbed her belly and later rubbed mine. She jokingly said, ‘Kau pun nak pregnant this year, kan? Nah…..’
Last week as I was deleting old SMS on my cellphone, I realized that my LMP was actually on the 4th of December 2008. I thought I was unusually late as I was having PMS, stomach and leg cramps for more than a week. For the benefit of the doubt, I bought a Guardian test kit (for the first time, y’all!) Right after I dropped 3 drops of urine on the test kit, the 2 pink lines appeared right away!! I didn’t even have to wait for 3 minutes to see the result.

Three days later I went to see my Gynae at Sime Darby Medical Center (formerly known as SJMC). I was already 6 weeks pregnant by then. That means I conceived about the same week as the other 3 preggie ladies from my team. My Gynae congratulated me but reminded me on controlling my high BP. Isy, tension betul. My BP problem really came at the wrong time.

Anyway, moral of the story is: pregnancy, in my department is contagious.

The boss hasn’t said anything yet……

Because he doesn’t know yet…. Hihihi.


all jazzed up said...

Wah!!! Congrats!!! SD pun preggers gak!!

D.N.A.S said...

Hmmmm.... kena celebrate beramai-ramai nih!

Jade said...

yeay!!! OMG!!! am so excited! actually... tak tau kenapa i yg terlebih excited.. but I AM!!!!!!


maszuzu said...

congratulations beb!!!

Spena said...

Woahhh!! Congrats!!! Should ask you to gosk perut Dalie pulak! hehehe

hazyr said...

Congrats kak!

Wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy.. take care!

Naddy said...

congrats dear!

Yan said...

great news!! congratulations!!

pijah said...

waaahh!!! congratulations!!!!! so happy for you!

guess499 said...

Congrats!! ish sonang nyo.. jeles makcik

D.N.A.S said...

Jade, maybe sebab this time next year you pulak yang pregnant kot... hehehehe. Insyaallah.

thank you baybeh.

aku nak gosok perut Dalie dan perut kau juga.... mwahahahaha.

thanks, I really need a smooth pregnancy this time. Not sure how my cholesterol level and BP is going to be like during this pregnancy.

thank you dear. Doa-doakan this time dapat baby girl and comel macam you.

Didie said...

Congrats Kak Dayang!! Hahaha.. confirm pengsan ler boss you :-p Btw, you've been tagged.. sila la sila..

eyna said...

dee!!!! congrats.... congrats.... from one rubbing to another belly, berkat tu. i pun cam terasa je. meh i rub yr belly pulak :D

D.N.A.S said...

thanks. My colleagues semua tak sabar nak witness his reaction. So, until today I still belum bagitau dia because I have to wait for the rest to come back from CNY break. Isy, macam drama swasta la pulak nanti gamaknya.

thank you. You pun nak menambah this year, kan?

john f seademon said...

Well, this definitely is good news. But do take care of yourself especially since you are also hypertensive.

Bathe your Roslan more and buy more stuff from the Luxury Store. Might help bring down that evil blood pressure ;)

mummy Darin said...

kak dayang.. congrats.. he..he...

amber said...

cool!!! preggie togeder-geder! i pun nak pregnant jugaklah!
anyway, congrats!!! :)

che' nah said...


Congrats DNAS, and have fun dropping the bomb (tomorrow?).

Take good care of yourself -- pregnant masa dah 30+ nih, badan ada penat sket compared to the earlier ones. Hope you'll have a smooth one insyaAllah!

D.N.A.S said...

Pet Society is slow in my office. I can only bathe Roslan during weekends.

Mummy Darin,
tq. Come join the club.

come, I rub your belly... hihihi

you'll join the club soon jugak..kan? But, make sure the wedding is successful first, lah..hehe

thank you.

D.N.A.S said...

it's going to be lots of fun in the office for the next 8 months... trust me.

Che' Nah,
so far I'm quite okay tapi selalu ada stomach and leg cramp.

YMY said...

wahh congrats! Hope it's a baby gerrr! hehehe

wanshana said...

Congratulations, dear!!

So happy for you! Girl this time? Insya Allah :)

Take care :)

Zinndra said...

Oh Congrats! That's truly a blessing... May Allah protect you throughout your pregnancy.

Wish you good health.