Thursday, February 12, 2009

We ARE getting BONUS this year!!

Last night was our 2009 Kick 0ff and the MD announced a flat rate 'saguhati' for everybody!!! Yeay! In a way it can be considered as bonus for 2008 lah... Although not that much, but can do lah... Alhamdulillah...

With the rookies, all dolled up for their Mammamia performance. It was a really cute show but too bad they were only miming because I know the girls can sing. Oh yeah, I was their 'Pengkritik tetap' during the rehearsals. 

Smile!!! It's bonus time. (L-R: Mrs. Y, Mrs. B, me and Mrs. S). All very happy and can't wait to splurge on new handbags and go for additional Sushi sessions next month.

By the way, we are now hiring (yeah, economic recession is not stopping us to add head counts because there is a lot of work to be done in the IT industry and I don't understand why Intel is shutting down some plants). 

We have vacancies for:

1 Secur1ty Eng1neer
(At least 2 years experience with Anti Virus solutions such as Symantec, Kaspersky, Trend Micro. Knowledge and experience with security appliances can be an advantage)
The pay is considerably good, but the bad news is successful candidate will have to report directly to me and will be running around town most of the time. Hahahaha.

1 Oracle DBA
(At least 2 years experience with Oracle products such as Oracle database and application server. Involved with database design, system planning, project deployments and support)
The good news is successful candidate will be reporting to a very sporting and experienced manager. The bad news is you'll not be reporting to me, so you won't get the chance to 'mengular-ngular' and 'berpoya-poya' on Friday afternoons.

Interested? Know anybody who fits the bill and interested? Please email me your resume (with passport sized photo - I need to know who's the next handsome guy/hot girls coming on board. Call me shallow, but sex sells - it's proven. But if you're sending a 3R sized pictures, make sure you're fully clothed, ya! We are in the services business, but not THAT kind of services, occay?)

My email: dayangnoor at gmail dot com


mummy Darin said...

bestnya dapat bonus...

miss queen said...

kenapa kak dayang ambik gamba pegang rantai org sebelah??