Monday, February 16, 2009

The Glittering Le Femme Srikandi dinner and S4S launch

This entry is just to add a few more points to the FAQ written by Kak War in Srikandi’s blog.

The Srikandi For Srikandi fund has been discussed for many months. The main agenda for the night is to raise fund so that we can help those Srikandis in need. The fact that many Srikandis have been very supportive to the Association and each other has proven that each and every one of these unsung heroes (heroines la kot) should be recognized. Although they have always chosen to remain anonymous, we are still going to give them many rounds of applause that night and pat their backs for always being there and willing to help with their time, money and endless effort.

So, this Glittering La Femme dinner is not just about dining, networking, histerical laughing (but, Rina we promise we’ll not laugh during your performance – we’ll sing along if possible), and raising fund. It’s also for recognizing and showing our gratitude towards all Srikandis who have been most helpful throughout the years. We might not be able to announce each of their names, but this message must get through to them and all of us will continue praying for their success and happiness. There’s no way for us to repay them for all those time, money, effort, expertise, advise, tears, sweat, petrol, toll charges, plane ticket etc.

My fellow Srikandis, please take this opportunity to come and have a lot of fun and at the same time help make S4S a successful one. The Association might not get a cent of that few billion ringgit stimulus package (as you all might have came across in the national newspaper last month but there’s almost no mention about it these last few weeks), so this is one of the ways we can help cushion the blow on some of our beloved sisters. Today, the automotive industry and manufacturing are being hit rather hard by the economic situation. Tomorrow, we can’t even guarantee that we’ll still be living in the same house we slept in last night.

The economic theory is quite funny. But the truth is we have to continue spending in order to keep the economy going. No business will thrive if all of us decide to keep the money under our pillow. It’s time to help others so that in the future we’ll get similar help whenever needed.

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