Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gadget girl dilemma

The (legal) iPhone is going to be here and from what I heard it’s going to be exclusively for MAXIS subscribers. About 2 hours after reading the online news, I decided to synchronize my iPod as I have ripped about 10 audio CDs lately. I don’t know whether it’s a sign or just pure coincidence but I was prompted with a warning that there was not enough space for more songs on the iPod. Yikes, all these while I thought 4GB should be sufficient, but now 8GB or 16GB storage seems like what it needs to store all my songs, photos, Podcasts, videos etc. I haven’t gone through the complete spec of the iPhone that will be sold here but 16GB storage is more than enough to tempt me.

So, is that how all my 2008 bonus will be spent? Hmmmmmm…. Maybe.
But, before that… I have also requested for quotations for a Lenovo S10 to replace my current lappie which now gets heavier and not good for bone structure (ehemmm… alas an). It’s going to cost less than the iPhone but I think I’m going to need them both. The greedy gadget girl… hehehe. The S10 is small enough and can fit in any cute LV handbags, ok (I know this is supposed to be some techy entry but cute handbags must be mentioned as they play a big part in my everyday life, ok. LV is mentioned specifically to drop some giant hints to somebody who hasn’t any clue of what I want for my 35th birthday. Bwahahahaha…. *evil laugh*)

Yes, this entry is this short. Please start Googling for iPhone in Malaysia and Lenovo S10.


Irenelim said...

Girl, get both iPhone and Lenovo. Haha... I heart iPhone, but perhaps not Lenovo... prefer Sony's lappie instead. :)

dillazag said...

DNAS, I am praying hard so that Celcom would somehow come up with their own package SOON (ala-ala Blackberry. Dulu, Maxis start jual first gak.. )
hasilannya, Ican inherit my hubby's iPhone *dibeli diSunway, kot* yang bermanual Italiano. hihihihihi.. I heart iPhone too, but won't spend a dime on any gadget... ;)

Anonymous said...

kak dayang, bukan macam baru je kak dayang beli lappie? LV somemore? ish..ish..ish...


Anonymous said...

I have an Iphone and HP mininote 2140. :D I like the HP Mininote 2140 than Lenovo but I think kat Mesia tak sampai lagi the new HP Mininote 2140 tuh. Make sure when u get the Iphone, also take the unlimited 3G plan because the Iphone is useless if you can't access internet 24/7. ;)

D.N.A.S said...

already have 1 Sony VAIO at home... but it's also quite heavy as it's high spec.

teruskan usaha murni mu itu... hehehe.

beli je lagi laptop, boleh claim income tax.

according to some of my friends, HP support in Malaysia is not that good.

silent bloghopper said...

Dear Blog Owner,
I have just recently purchased Lenovo S10. Masa jalan2 browsing di low yatt, most of the saleman advised either lenovo or Asus.. Like Faiz said HP 2140 is yet to reach our shore..
They did not recommend Toshiba.. i dunno why..

But Levono's not badla.. although body dia tak sleek coz bukan aloy casing..