Thursday, March 12, 2009

It’s International Women’s Day and I’m getting discounts everywhere…

During the whole month of March, many stores are offering really good discounts to women like me (who took all the trouble filling up their membership forms). I am surely going to be doing a lot of shopping this month. In a way, I’m going to help a few businesses bounce back despite the economic slowdown. There’s no strong enough reason for us to stop shopping especially when the things we usually buy are necessities. Bags, slippers, sandals, pumps, cosmetics, perfume, clothes, accessories – they are all our basic daily needs besides food and coffee.

The fact that I’m going to freeze my gym membership until early 2010 means I’ll have extra $$ every month to be spent. What great news to all tokey kedai!

Ever since the media started feeding us with scary news on the world going into recession and many people are losing their jobs, how many people have told you to stop shopping and start saving? I hope I am the first person to tell you to continue shopping as usual. No, we’re not a bunch of inconsiderate, stupid, selfish bimbos. This is one way of helping to ensure that many more people can keep their jobs.

Why the people in manufacturing industry lose jobs? Because there is now less demand for goods such as electrical appliances.
Why the people in automotive industry lose jobs? Because many people decided not to buy cars because they’re afraid they’ll not be able to repay the monthly installment.

It’s not that these people (read: us) all have ran short of money. Everybody just decided to set aside a lot more than usual – in Fix Deposits maybe? And how is FD going to help turn the current economic situation around? I don’t know, I’m not a subject matter expert.

All I know is that if I continue to buy blouses from this shop I frequent since 1999, the makcik-makcik and kakak-kakak working in the factories can keep their jobs and bring back enough food for their children.

So, continue on shopping my dear friends – women of the world. Create the demand. If you decided to buy more trust fund units and shares today there’s no guarantee you can get short term returns. It might take 10 years – that’s if the world economy recovers at an impossible speed. (All the financial experts reading this blog please contest this. I was just making a wild guess).

To all the husbands, boyfriends and fathers out there please encourage the ladies in the house to spend as usual. It won’t do you any harm. It might help you keep your current jobs.


Jade said...

ooohhhhh... i second your proposal!! i, myself, have shops.. like.. hmm... AMOUNT$$ this month... dem.

darlene said...

hello dnas,
agree. if we can afford it i think life should go on as usual. spending boosts the economy.
(read about your pregnancy -- congratulations :) )