Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iezabellazaamemeamadios - I just can't stop loving you

This is my MJ Song, MJ Moment entry whether you like it or not.... hehe.

It was 1987 and 'Bad' was just released. We spent hours listening to the cassette in our friend's dorm. It was the 3rd term, final exam was over and we were all eagerly waiting for the dorm party.

Back then in STF, each third term's closure was the famous dorm party. Those were the old days when nobody really cared whether you wear tudung in the school/hostel. We watched Singapore TV until very late. Seniors were responsible to 'lecture' juniors whom they thought were not behaving according to the written/unwritten hostel rules. Short skirts (with slits) were acceptable (unless you need to go and see PSJ).

That year, Iezabellazaamemeamadios (that's C-8's glamorous name) juniors were told to perform during dorm party. We all sucked at singing and the time given was too short to put up a play, so we decided to dance to MJ's songs. We agreed on two songs from the album Bad; fast song was 'Bad' while slow song was 'I just can't stop loving you'.

Kak Q (Nor Naquiah), Kak Inn (Zuraini Azura), Paie and I worked together for choreography. I think we practiced for about a week for both songs. Kak Sam (Siti Aminah Ghazali) was not that keen to perform, tried to get away with it as she claimed she's too 'kejang' for dance moves (the picture below actually proved it). She was giggling throughout our practice sessions and was still giggling during the real performance. Her partner during the slow song was Andrilawati and it didn't help much as she's easily infected by Kak Sam's laughter.

We had to resort to using the easiest steps possible for the slow dance. Kak Inn wanted it to be hot and steamy but hey, all of us were under 18 and couldn't risk getting dorm party banned by the school after that night. The steps for Bad were almost similar to the video clip (minus the gangsters, fire and crotch grabbing, of course).

C-8 seniors gave us a really big hand (and lotsa hugs too) that night for our effort and 'energetic' performance. Kak Sam and Andri actually wasted a lot of energy after their non stop giggling, but everybody had so much fun that night.

R-L: Kak Sam, Andri (hidden), me, Kak Q, Ella, Kak Nonie, Paie and Kak Inn slow dancing to 'I just can't stop loving you' about 22 years ago.

1987 Iezabellazaamemeamadios. The juniors + Kak Su, Kak Zie, Kak Akmar, Kak Effa, Kak Zura and Kak Ros.

'I just can't stop loving you' later became one of my favorite songs during Valentine. Listen to it and you'll be reminded of how simple and beautiful love could be.

Some youtube videos for those who have never heard the song. This is the English version while this is the one with rare French lyrics.

While you're at it, do check out this clip to reminisce the good old 80's. It's loaded with 80's Hollywood celeb. It's a unique video and I think this is exactly how everyone feels trying to cope with this great loss. Deep down, don't we all still hope that it's just another publicity trick?

Thanks for the music and inspiration MJ. You are one unforgettable King and trend setter.


dillazag said...

hahahahahahaha. Lawak siot!
I sooo miss Iezabellazaamemeamadios.
Ingat lagi masa kitorang masuk C-8, juniors semua kena hafal nama yang panjang dan tak make any sense at all.. :)
The pictures are hillarious, Kak Dayang! Miss la pulak saya pada bedmate ku, Kak Andri and the rest - K SAM (short for Siti Aminah Ghazali, right?), K Nonie, K Que, K Inn, K Ella and K Paie. Those were the days..
Thanks for the post!

Jade said...

I love I just can't stop loving you too!!!!! I am yet to make a post on MJ. great loss.. great loss... :-(

I miss the 80s... hahaha... I was younger, but I remember, okay! hehehe...

D.N.A.S said...

your batch was lucky sebab tak kena bully teruk-teruk. Masa tu seniors semua dah malas nak bully/lecture orang.

kalau I post pasal Donnie and Marie mesti you tak boleh relate punya... hahahaha...

Lila Hadi said...

Le... perkataan yg panjang berjela tu tak de makna ke.. Isk.. I remembered kena paksa ngan Kak Girl to memorize it. Adoi yai.. Still remember till today though.

Kak Dilla, miss all the good times we used to have kat C8 tu. Where's Kak Andri ek? Met Kak Paie before kat KLCC. Tapi Kak Paie cam orang alim ulama gitew.. tak berani nak cakap lebey2. Kak Paie, I still remembered you chased me when you mentioned about the Guy Next Door (En Ahdan)!... :) Those were the times...

D.N.A.S said...

Guy Next Door? Tak sesuai!
Paie nampak macam alim ulamak? Biasalah, dah jadi mak orang... mestilah menunjukkan teladan yang baik. Hehe.

the principal said...

Lawak sgt gambar tu. Kak Sam mmg kelakar. When she was my claasmate, selalu diketawakan oleh kita org & bila dia jd prefect, we sort of ostracised her & made fun of her.

The last time I saw her dlm paper. Rasanye she won a kancil.

cbj5171 said...

Salam. This is Kak Sam a.k.a Siti Aminah Ghazali. I'm living in Kuantan, Pahang. Refer to principal's comment, actually I won a fiat coupe limited edition way back in 2001 and not a Kancil but I used to drive a Kancil, my first car bought in 1996 when I was serving in Miri. Glad to hear from you guys.

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Saaaaaammmmm!!!!
Finally, we found you....! or rather, you found us here. Keep in touch, ok!

Kak Emy,
lagi satu jejak kasih thru blog... hehehe.