Friday, September 11, 2009

Ding Dong jugak kalau dok rumah lama sangat

It's been more than 2 weeks. I'm staying at home and confined to this 2-storey house. My car is just outside but I'm not allowed to drive anywhere. How frustrating. For many other women, especially those in the west, after 10 days of undergoing C-sect they are strong enough to drive and doing the usual chores. However, as I'm the supossedly conservative Malay woman, I have to observe the 44 days of confinement. I seriously in need of some sun and some funnnnn!!! Help!

This time, after getting a good post-natal treatment from the confinement lady I hired, I feel a lot healthier. So far, I haven't started taking any 'jamu' as adviced by my gynae and the confinement lady. I'm not sure what were the medication used during the op but it seems like I need to drink a lot of plain water everyday - about 2.5 litres. After the op I was being dripped for more than 24 hours to avoid dehydration. I decided that it's best to defer the 'jamu' intake. I'm also not taking the usual Pati Ikan haruan as it contain ginseng.

Now that the confinement lady's service has ended, I don't have much to do other than taking care of the baby. So my time is filled with watching ASTRO and browsing FB. ASTRO is starting to bore me, perhaps I should get Mr. Hubby to subsribe that Mustika package for more Hindustani movies. FB is fun, as always but filled with pictures of kuih raya and menu berbuka puasa - which I'm not supposed to have any. Another frustrating activity.

I was so bored this morning that I decided to access the office email and responded to a few notes. Don't be surprised if one morning I'd decide to drive to office during this confinement period - it's really getting into my head. I am not sure how the real 'meroyan' is, perhaps what I'm feeling is part of the symptoms. It never occurred to me that not having any work to do can affect me so badly. The longest holiday I ever took was 9 days and it was filled with fun activities. Having to spend 2 months like this can cause severe migraine, I think.

Apart from my boredom I managed to start some Raya preparation. Ordered some raya cookies and got my new bibik to wash and change the curtains. I also asked her to clean all three toilets yesterday but the quality of work can be further improved (cheh, ayat corporate konon...) The truth is, dia cuci macam hampeh laaa... My friends told me that it's quite common. New bibiks need to be closely monitored and taught clearly on each task. Letihlah kalau macam ni.

It's about time for my afternoon tea, I kan tak puasa... hehehe. Chow chin chow. Remind me to write a review on the confinement lady - she's awesome!


iyouwe said...

wah! 2 weeks?! nanged u! nang this if u want to can't stop laughing! nang me!

Spena said...

if not giving birth can I still get a confinement lady jugak tak? ;-)

Anonymous said...

kak dayang, boleh bagi contach no the lady tak? thanks

D.N.A.S said...


boleh kot.... for the treatment. Trylah call akak tu. Phone number dia kat blog Hanis.

Adinda anonymous,
phone number dia I ada link in my latest blog entry. I got the number from Hanis punya blog.