Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Result : You be the judge

I didn't go to the audition for Biggest Loser Asia. But the whole blogosphere knows that I've been struggling to keep fit and lose some weight ever since like..... forever. Well at least you all knew about it ever since I started this blog. When I quit my previous job, one of the things that appeared in my to-do list was to start exercising regularly and I've been doing it ever since.

I haven't lost much weight as I've had my yo-yo pattern days/weeks/months too. However I managed to lose many inches and gained a lot more self confidence. My fitness level might not be back to how it was during my pre-uni days but at least I can climb 5 flights of stairs without difficulty these days.

Before I start listing my 2010 resolutions, let's have a look with some minor achievement (health,fitness and body image category... hehehe).

So here's the before-after images for you to decide. (I know I didn't turn into a supermodel after a few years of gymming but I'm a lot happier.)

This picture was taken back in April 2005. I was 31 and had a serious fitness and health issue. Not to mention being obese and unhappy with my body image. I didn't even smile for the camera. I just hated being photographed and the thought of having to look at myself in photos was just unbearable. I didn't really care what I was wearing as none of the clothes (not even fat clothes!!) looked good on me.

This photo was taken in July 2006. After exercising regularly I managed to bring myself to smile happily for the camera, dressed a bit better and loved myself a lot more. Well, besides exercising, the regular outings and bitching sessions contributed a lot too. Hehehe.

This was taken in October 2009, 2 months after giving birth to Zarif. I didn't gain much during the pregnancy. I also managed to get back on the treadmill about 6 weeks after the C-sect. If it's not determination it was the pre-pregnancy state of health that helped me. Again, regular exercise made it possible (and don't forget those regular bitching sessions as well.)

Note: Alien appeared in 2 of these photos semata-mata nak bagitau dia, wey bila nak pegi gym semula ni?


Jade said...

excellent job kakak! very well done! you definitely look gorgeouslicious these days!! hehe...

pijah said...

hellooooo! pekabo?

bitching session is important for mental health gitu.. as important as gymming session! :p

Spena said...

YOu are doing well, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

huhuhuhu... kenapalah aku yang menjadik mangsa hahahahahha... anyway, your mental & b****ch supports are always around.. anytime sista!


D.N.A.S said...

thanks.... gorgeousliscious itu bunyi macam nama ice cream.... mesti lemak manis..

khabar baik.... Mana hilang banyak lama tada nampak?

aku nak start skipping gak. Baru terjumpa skipping rope kat rumah ni.

hahaha... boleh pinjam Neway membership card selalu-selalu nih...