Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who the 'tooooot' is this Roslina Mohd Islak?

Celcom has been calling me for the past 3 months and asked for Roslina Mohd Islak. Everytime, I told them that it's not her number and I am not Roslina. But these people from Celcom kept on calling me a few times a month. It always went something like this:

Celcom: Hello, boleh saya bercakap dengan Roslina Mohd Islak?
Me: Sorry, wrong number.
Celcom: Ini bukan nombor Roslina ke?
Me: Bukan, ini nombor saya.
Celcom: Cik ada kenal tak Roslina ni?
Me: Tak, saya tak kenal.
Celcom: Memang betul ke cik tak kenal?
Me: Tak.
Celcom: Betulke ini bukan nombor Roslina?
Me: Bukan....

After like 9 or 10 times having to go through the same stupid conversation, last month I really lost my patience and lashed out at the caller. I threatened to log a complain and asked to speak to their manager, but the caller hung up.

A few days ago Celcom called me again asking for the same name. I told myself to calm down before asking her why was she looking for Roslina. Her explanation made me really furious.

This lady Roslina registered with Celcom for a post-paid number. She gave MY number as her alternative contact phone number. It turned out she hasn't been paying her monthly bills and the bills were also returned to sender. So, Celcom has been trying to contact her but to no avail as her Celcom number is not contactable.

I only have one thing to tell this Roslina, 'Kalau takde duit, jangan la berangan nak pakai post-paid number dan janganlah suka hati bagi nombor orang lain kat telco provider.' It's just so stupid and irresponsible.

If you happen to know anybody named Roslina Mohd Islak, please relate the message to her. Who knows, perhaps 20 out of 25 of my blog readers might know a Roslina, and one of them happens to be her. If it's really her, just tell her to settle the bills. I want a peaceful and happy life.


Gadis n Frank said...

lol mcm tu pulak....erm, kalau u rasa nk cari gak roslina tu, minta je celcom I.C number dia....then pegi check dengan org JPN...siapa dia tu...or if ada kawan2 yang kerja dgn maxis/digi, try find out the new number of that the i.c number, now we can trace where the person is and which number now she been using...

Anonymous said...

Aiyoo...Celcom pun satu, ngok betul.

Kan ada IC number si Roslina tu, unless verification tak dibuat by credit control - which is "wajib" for all postpaid applications before line is released.

Guna IC tu to trace the whereabouts of the Roslina. Kalau ada insider kat bank or EPF or Income Tax - beres deh.

the principal said...

told ya, that's why I love My Maxis....

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm a silent reader of yours. Just to share with you that the same thing happend to me. Standard Chartered called me and ask for En Yusof something. When i said that this is not his number, that minah still called me.. This happens every day and i know, kalau dah private call @ 10 am, sure dia lah.... So, i told them that i've been using this (my number) dah 2 tahun.., still call jugak. She got the chic to tell me that this number is in the system.... So, i said, can't u just changed the number in your system and she said ok.... The lady didn't call me for for a week, and she started to call me again afterthen. Until 1 day, i decided not to take that call anymore. I hope they have found En Mohd Yusoff. :)

D.N.A.S said...

I contacted Celcom. They told me the calls were from Credit Control. I told them I was going to log a complaint. Tapi sampai hari ni belum ada masa nak call the toll free number. Takde mood lah pulak....