Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Itu ini

I am not going to follow DSAI's case because I'm trying to de-clutter my thoughts. Need to save some memory and optimize processing power. It's not the graphic details of Saiful's experience, I just give up following court cases that are covered by the mainstream media. If I read those, I'll also need to read what the alternative media reports too. My time now is suddenly so precious I've even stopped buying newspapers.


My new job function is so stressful that I started reading gossip magazines and buying more CDs. Next, I plan to read Mills and Boon. Checked out a few of them at Borders a couple of weeks ago. MB books are no chic flick, they're just light romance for teenage girls which helped me forget my troubles. 
Besides that I'm now also going to the gym more often. Although my exercise program recommended by Biggest Loser Club is only 3 sessions per-week, I found myself doing more than that. I need at least a 30 minute vigorous activity everyday that can help me flush all the issues and pressure from office before I head home. High impact aerobic exercise followed by hot shower while listening to Susan Boyle did the trick so far. At least when I reached home I managed to forget everything that's related to work.


My weight scale has been lying to me. 
When I did the weekly weigh-in, I've gone down 3.5kg. But when I weighed myself at the office during one of the Health Week activities, I found myself back to my pre Biggest Loser Club weight. I was mad. 
But the scale used at the office was Tanita Body Composition Analyzer which was like 2000 times more advanced than my bathroom scale. So, that reading must be more accurate, right? But I'm glad I did the Body Composition Analysis. I found out that my body fat % has gone down by 5.1% which is quite an achievement. The sad thing was that my Basal Metabolic Rate is equivalent to a 61 years old grandma's. It seemed like my resting metabolic rate is almost the same as my own mom's and yet I'm consuming food like a 20 year old. Well, there you go... that's the answer to why am I still obese... hehe.

I went to Parkson Subang Parade to check out (coz I planned to buy) Estee Lauder moisturizer and essence but the salesgirl told me to come on another date, 16th Feb 2010 - when they'll have huge promotions. Since I'm a regular customer there, she gave me 10 packets of moisturizer and essence sample that should last until then. I was so happy for two reasons:

1. I didn't really plan to buy the essence, I was only asking her about it. But since she's given me the samples, I might as well try them out.... hehehehe... 
2. I didn't have budget for the two items (which total up to almost RM600!). So, getting that many samples really saved my $$$$ this week. Yeay!

Moral of the story is.... being loyal to a particular brand sometimes really pays off. 

Talking about brand, I went to SACC mall last month but couldn't find Big Brown Bag boutique. Has it been closed or relocated? They sell some nice skirts. Too bad if they moved elsewhere.... *sigh*

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