Thursday, February 18, 2010


Iqra' has been introduced in Malaysia for some time now and kids these days don't read much Muqaddam like I did when I was 6 years old. My 2 sons started Iqra' when they were 5. Wazif completed all 6 Iqra' when he was in Standard 2, right before the final exam. Shawqi is still struggling with Iqra' 4.

When Wazif completed Iqra', his ustazah recommended to go straight to reading Al Quran. She said it's okay to just skip Muqaddam. I was okay with it.

This year I decided to monitor Wazif's Quran reading, so I asked him to recite the page that his Ustazah taught him in the morning. One night, after dinner we sat in front of the TV and I checked his reading. His Al- Fatihah was okay but still can be improved. When he started with one of the Ayat from surah Al Baqarah, I almost fainted. He just bulldozed through. Every 'baris' was read with the same 'harkat', no 'sabdu', no 'waqaf', no nothing. Basically none of the Tajweed rules was applied.

I questioned him whether his Ustazah teaches Tajweed, he said no. It's confusing because he could recite most of the Ayat Lazim with the correct Tajweed (I later found out that they have Hafazan classes at school - the kids just memorize.....). When I checked back all the 6 Iqra', they have all the complex Kalimah which contain 'Sabdu' and different 'Harakat'. I suspected the kids were also thought to just memorize and didn't really learn on how to spell out each Kalimah (like we did long-long time ago...) Knowing Wazif, he's really good at memorizing things, I'll not be surprised if he could remember all the Kalimah used in all the 6 Iqra'.

Iqra' method might be able to get kids to learn Quran faster but I sensed something amiss here. A few things are compromised; one is Tajweed and the other is spelling. You can call me old-school but still my stand is if modern method will only lead you to the wrong way, why should we follow? However, I've yet to find out whether the teachers were applying the method correctly or just doing it like 'melepas batuk di tangga....' Well, that part is quite difficult for me to tell unless I sit in my kids' classes and listen to their Ustazah (which I'm not permitted).

So, now I need to find a good Quran teacher who can teach my kids using the old-method. (Lepas tu, I pun boleh tumpang sekaki buat revision... hehehe) Hopefully the Ustaz will bring a 'rotan' with him so that Wazif and Shawqi lagi cepat pandai... ;)


dillazag said...

Really ke kak Dayang? Khadra punya Iqra' 2 ada panjang pendek. Sebab I checked on her and she knew which was 2 harkat and which was biasa.

Plus ustazah dia very particular about sebutan. (She learnt from an Arab man) I have yet to see on the sabdus and will update you later.

Good luck on the new Ustaz. (Sebenarnya, saya pun teringin nak belajar balik - maybe lepas budak2 ni lepas satu round kot)

Jade said...

hmmm... i for one, agree with the old-method. dari dulu i don't see a point to cepat2 "naik" quran. what's important is the correct tajweed and pronunciation.

Nomee said...

Ini entri yg sgt bagus untuk Ibu 'muda' macam saya. I got confused when MIL asked me to buy Iqra' 1 for my son who is going to be 3 years old this March. I was thinking, why not Muqaddam?

Terkejut mula-mula tengok Iqra' 1. Macamana nak ajar / baca yek? Rasanya saya pun kena belajar balik. But my son pandai pulak baca. Saya rasa macam jauh tertinggal kat belakang. Apa-apa pun MIL cakap, my son boleh baca Mugaddam after Iqra' 6. I like the idea.

Thank you for this entry.

Sarclover said...

My 'cikgu' mengaji was this woman we called Cik Zai.

we didn't have Iqra' we had Muqaddam, I finished my Muqaddam myself and then later I finished Quran by myself. There was no hoohaa created when I managed to finished my Quran, was in boarding school so noone knew but me. :)...

Tajweed wise, well... Johoreans are admitted to sekolah agama from the age of 8. I picked everything up from there.

I would not be able to relate as a mother, but I personally think the old fashioned way of mengaji is way better. The rotan really works wonders... hehehehe

IBU said...

Salam Dayang...

I don't think "Iqra" is meant to be taught without tajweed. From what I have observed, it is all with the necessary tajweed lessons attached. And there's no stopping one to still read Muqaddam even if dah habis Iqra 6. I think it helps them to recognise the kalimahs better, like chunking ... tapi tajweed tu still we should emphasise where we can la kan... And maybe they can finish muqaddam faster. But maybe also you shouldn't allow them to jump to Quran if they are reading the surahs correctly.

Perhaps should check how come your kids' mengaji teacher approach Iqra that way.

I don't think it is meant to be that way. Maybe dia nak budak2 cepat khatam kot? Wallahualam.... Better ask first la kan?

Macam hantar kalau pi 'smart reader', baca laju but punctuation, phrasing, diction, intonation semua lari lintang pukang.

p/s Diri sendiri ni nak kena refresh tajweed laaaaa... alahai cam ner ni!

D.N.A.S said...

kat sekolah ni Ustazah tu ajar ramai student. Masa pun very limited. It's either before school starts and then during breaks. I don't think she get to really emphasize on hukum tajwid.

part pronunciation pulak, toksah cerita la... lagi huru-hara..

Iqra' dah ada yg jual 6 in 1. Dia tebal sikit and hopefully takde lah asyik tercicir je.

rotan and 'chorusing' during mengeja... It was fun.

I checked the Iqra', mmg ada ajar tajwid jugak. Tapi mungkin sebab takde exam, maka my kids pun tak bersungguh-sungguh nak betul-betul fahamkan...
I think learning tajwid is a life time thing, depan ustaz ingat hukum.... bila dah lama tak jumpa ustaz, mesti terlupa. Pastu, kena ulang belajar semula.