Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I came back and caught flu

Oh no... I came back to Malaysia and caught flu on the same night. They came in one package of mild fever, headache, blocked nose and terrible coughs. Couldn't drag myself out of bed the next morning, so decided to just continue sleeping after texting my boss that I'd be taking a medical leave that day. My boss didn't reply.... hehehe. He must be mad, hehehe. After 10days of holiday, suddenly MC pulak.
I woke up again at 12.30pm. Zarif was still fast asleep. I thought he's having a terrible jetlag. I shook him to wake up at around 2pm.
After feeding Zarif, I went out to find an ATM to withdraw money and see the doctor to get medicine and MC. I didn't have lunch as there's nothing to cook in the kitchen and I have no Ringgit Malaysia to order pizza. Arrived at the clinic but there was a 'Doktor Tiada' signed plastered on the glass door. Frustrated, I drove to the nearest sundry shop to buy Zarif's formula milk and diapers.
That night, at around 8.15 the whole family went out for dinner. We stopped at the same clinic and thank god there's a doctor on duty, and it happened to be my hubby's friend. He gave a long lecture on why women who still have their menses shouldn't really worry when their cholesterol level is a bit high. That was the first time I heard about it and was wondering why in the world a doctor (from this same clinic) prescribed me cholesterol medicine when I had high BP back in mid 2008. If my body could still take care of my heart, why was the medicine necessary? Hmmmm....
The flu medicine prescribed to me was really strong. When I finally fell asleep that night it was as if I just passed out. When I woke up the next morning, my head felt like it was beaten with a club (I was imagining Captain Caveman came and hit me when I was asleep...)
I drove really fast that morning heading to work and didn't realize it until I shot a look at the speedometer. The medicine was too strong that even at 9a.m I felt my body was floating. I took the medicine about 10 hours earlier. It must be the combination of flu, medicine and jetlag because 7 hours later I was having the same feeling. When I walked, I couldn't feel my feet touching the floor. When I stared at my computer screen I was only seeing thick black lines, couldn't make out any word clearly.
That morning I gave up reading emails after squinting my eyes for 20 minutes. Just when I was about to 'rest my eyes' for a few minutes, the boss called me to join him in a meeting. I told myself it's okay, I'll get a quick nap afterwards. It turned out the meeting lasted 2 hours, followed by another 1 hour meeting.
When I walked to the lunch place, I was a Zombie. Decided to just have cheesy ham croissant with iced coffee, followed by cheese cupcake. Only realized how stupid my choice of lunch only later. Iced coffee and cheese? For someone with mean flu? Tak sesuai. The flu became worse that night.
I overslept the next morning. Took a quick shower, dressed in my new white work shirt (bought from the factory outlet, of course) and guess what.... It's Wednesday, and it's my weigh in day!!! I quickly step on the scale and surprise... surprise....!! I lost 1kg!!! Yeay!
So, going for vacation won't necessarily make you fatter. I learned my lessons well. This time we walked a lot more and eat less greasy food. We only had Fish and Chips once, and that was when Shawqi was starving at Blackpool. Most of the times, we prepared food at my SIL's place, so it's easier to control the ingredients used and portion taken. We didn't cook a lot, so everybody has to share and be more considerate.... hehehehe. Tactic!
There are still a few days left of the school holidays, what are you waiting for? Go and bring the children somewhere and do some family activity together. Bonding time, my darlings..... bonding time. Just don't catch flu like me.

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