Friday, June 11, 2010

I cannot reply comments on my own blog.... entah hapa hapa ntah...

The web is playing tricks on me. Could it be because the servers are detecting that I'm now logging from another part of the world? Facebook requested additional authentication when I tried to log in. Then, I couldn't post comments on my own blog, although I could create new entries... funny huh?

So, since the geographically smart servers managed to detect my whereabouts (probably based on IP and service providers), I tried to play smart too. From my iPhone I tried to browse iTunes store. You see, when I was in Malaysia, I could never access iTunes store neither from my laptop nor my iPhone. It always said iTunes Store is not supported in your country (Malaysia Darul Boleh la tuuuuu....tapi iTunes store tak boleh pulak). When I launched iTunes Store from here, I received the same error..!! Cheh!! That was when I baru teringat that the device ID was tied to the location it was first registered. Isk... benci... benci...benci!

Since I teringat that part, suddenly another thought has been playing and replaying in my head. What if I buy an iPad here, in the UK? Register it here? And then adakah mungkin I'd be able to access iTunes Store UK dari Kolumpo? Mungkinkah? Hmmmm....? Wonder if anybody has tried this before.

But then, the possibility of mengusung iPad ke hulu ke hilir (in a brand new and bigger handbag, of course) di Kolumpo rasanya macam sangat menariklah... Hmmmmm.... Let's korek-korek wallet. If I could find 429 pound in the wallet, ada kemungkinan akan mengangkut iPad (Wifi tanpa 3G) dalam hand luggage this Saturday afternoon.

Argh.... sekarang kena Google kat mana location Apple store di bandar Lancaster ini.

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