Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's 16 degrees la here, my darlings

When I decided to spend the school holidays in Lancaster my friend asked me why, because this time around it'll be hot in the UK. I just told him that it would be better because I'm bringing a baby. Cold weather might not suit him well. Furthermore, he's been having on and off flu and fever lately.
So, I didn't pack many clothes. Only my normal weekend clothes and a few jeans. Same goes with the kids. There was ample space in our bags that we then filled with dry food.
The first day we were here, the weather was sunny and quite hot. It was around 19 degrees I think. The children were complaining and we had to bring bottles of plain water whenever we went out. We had ice cream whenever we saw the ice cream van.
On the third day, it started drizzling in the morning and it went on until late afternoon. It was quite chilly and as I only brought my weekend clothes, I had to put on my jacket most of the times (luckily I remembered to bring a jacket). On the contrary, Zarif was really enjoying the cold weather. He loved cold wind, the chilly mornings and the cold nights. He wasn't even wearing long sleeved shirts at night. His feet and hands were cold and sometimes I saw him shivered but he was so happy.
His brothers and cousins teased and played with him and he was laughing most of the times (when he's not sleeping). He went to bed quite early (around 8pm) and only woke up at around 6am. Yeay!!!
... and I could have my much needed beauty sleep!!  Double, triple yeay!!!


mummy Darin said...

bestnya kalau saya berkesempatan order brg dengan kak dayang skang ni.. apakan daya.. hajat tak sampai...

Sarclover said...

Hehe... their hotness is not like Malaysian hotness.. we are HOT!!!