Tuesday, July 06, 2010

DNAS's birthday 2010

I'm 25 if you're to ask me how old I am this July. ;) I don't see the need to grow old (mentally). There have been physical changes, no one can deny that as they're part of the process, but we don't have to grow old. I believe we all should get more mature as the number changes each year. But, being mature has got nothing to do with age, right? You can be 67, yet immature or be 20 but mature enough to handle 8 children at home/run your own business. 

Maturity and wisdom can't be acquired just by having bigger number of one's age. There's continuous learning involved as well as willingness to build your strength out of criticisms. 

I was reading Personal Money (June 2010) last night, (yes... bought in early June, only managed to read it last night...) There was a discussion on Retirement. When would you like to retire? How much do you think your retirement would cost? Do you have to change your lifestyle once you retire? It was a wake up call to me when I read that most of us (insyaallah, kalau umur panjang) would be spending about 20% of our lives being a retiree. I did a simple calculation and thought, 'perhaps there's no need for me to retire'.

There's also another article I read simply entitled 'Making your career encore', where a few people were interviewed on their decision to start a new career when they're nearing their retirement age. Well, they are the living proofs that we should continue doing what we love, regardless how old we are. 

It would be interesting if I decided to become a kindergarten teacher when I turn 50. Or even better if some producer offers me to become an actress; those watak makcik-makcik need to be filled jugak, kan? Don't think the audience would enjoy watching an 18 years old chic playing a 55 years old makcik's role - even with the most sophisticated make-up and CGI technology being applied. Hehehe...

Whatever it is, I think each of us - professionals especially ... should consider to continue serving the religion, country and society even past our retirement age. Come to think of it I couldn't visualize myself idly sitting at home, tending to the garden, reading newspapers, watching boring ASTRO programs (I don't think CSI will interest me when I'm 60) and repeating these things day in and day out - for the rest of the 20% of my entire life. Hmphhh.... tak sesuai.... tak sesuai.... If Allah grant me health and long life, I know I'd be doing more things than just staying at home - doing nothing. 

Here's a couple of pics taken during my birthday do at Nandos on 5th July. On 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th pun bakal ada birthday do lagi..... insyaallah... Hahahahaha...Wah, my calendar is full. I don't want to grow old, but I like having birthdays. Who doesn't....;)

I looked at this picture and visualize myself in Rio De Janeiro on my 40th birthday, watching World Cup matches, live! It's only 4 years away - must start saving money for it. 

Okaylah, the reality: I'm 36 this year and not even close to becoming a millionaire. My bank balance is sangat menyedihkan and I have 3 children to care for. I'm learning to make a straight face always for this year I'm handling software support and my customers are sometimes very emotional so I have to stay composed... (walaupun selalu sakit jiwa!) Not getting increment this year, so I'm now praying days and night that we'll be receiving very good incentives after the 1st half of 2010 is concluded.

Other than that, everything is good and looking forward to becoming a more matured and wise woman. Cheers!


Red Raven said...

Happy Birthday....n may we be in Rio in 4 years time. guess football will be coming home at last?

ardy said...

Happy 25th bday! ;)

D.N.A.S said...

Hi Red Raven and Ardy,
thanks for the wishes!
Let's all go to Rio, yeay!

Blackwell said...

Happy Birthday DNAS. With many happy returns.

D. Blackwell

D.N.A.S said...

Thanks Blackwell.