Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just some random updates

She's no longer with us, but her wisdom remains

Firstly, I'd like to express my sincere condolence to Allahyarhamah Dalilah Tamrin's husband and family. I read about Kak Dalilah's passing on Monday afternoon after so many people has left comments in her blog. I was glad that comment moderation was not turned on, otherwise the blog readers wouldn't be able to drop a line or two there. I've only known Allahyarham from her blog. I think I started following her blog since the first week I started blogging. So many blogs link to hers, it's impossible to miss it. I must say that her blog has been one of my source of reference for cancer. She took all the trouble despite her illness, house chores and office work to compile and put up all the cancer related info into her blog. Her own entries are the main attraction of the blog. It's not easy to find first hand cancer patient experience documented elsewhere. The blog has helped me understand cancer patients better, what they have to go through, the state of their families, the emotional turmoil, how they handled mixed reactions from close family members and how/what is the best ways to show and provide our support to the cancer patient and everybody around them.

It was about a month after following her blog that I started my monthly contribution to MAKNA. Her blog has that kind of impact on readers.

Allah love Kak Dalilah, she was tested and now she has gone to meet The Creator. Let's pray that she's in a better place dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Amin.


I'm due for my annual Pap-Smear next week. Actually it should be done sometime in August, but since it'll be Ramadhan I'm making the appointment sooner. After having my first baby, my gynae gave me a good, long lecture on getting a regular Pap-Smear test done. It doesn't hurt and will only cost between RM200 -300 at private hospitals. So, I blocked my calendar for the Pap-Smear dates and have done at least 6, so far. I think I missed two years but couldn't remember why. Since I also have IUCD inserted, which also requires annual check-up I have no choice but go and see the gynae at least once a year.

When I changed job and started working at this organisation, I met a few ladies of my age and we exchanged a lot of stories. One of them gave me a lot of advice on weight management and hints on winning your husband's heart. Another gave me tips on handling subordinates in the office and financial management with my spouse. So, one day I told them that I was about to go for my Pap-Smear appointment. Both of them shrieked and made twisted faces. It turned out none of them had done it, even after childbirth. I couldn't understand it because we have to see the gynae again 4 weeks after delivery. In my case, since I had C-sect each time, I had to see my gynae so that she could inspect the incision scar and scan my womb.

My two friends never went back to see the gynae 4 weeks after delivery. They delivered normally, thus they're not really concerned on their womb condition after confinement period, I think. Although I knew their mothers were very strict with them during confinement period, and that they were getting all the good treatment and medicines, I think it's a bad choice not to do Pap-Smear tests.

Both of them shared the same reason why they hated the test. Their friends told them it hurts. I don't know their friends went to which gynae but I didn't feel any pain at all during every test. I could feel a metal thingy being inserted but it lasted only for a few seconds. The procedure was over before I could realize what was actually happening.

I tried to reason with my two friends but until today both of them still refuse to do it. Well, it's a matter of an individual's choice. I can advice and share my experience, but in the end tuan punya badan yang empunya keputusan.


It's been 9 years, I think since I last wore flats. Even during my pregnancies I would wear shoes with at least 1.5cm heels. My bone structure caused problems to my feet when I wore flats. Walking barefoot in the house is different than wearing flats and walk in the shopping mall. I don't know the name of the problem but I decided not to buy and wear flats because my feet became painful after long walks.

However, two weeks ago I saw a pair of flats at Charles and Keith and decided that I've just got to have it. I've been wearing heels to work for so long, perhaps it's about time I give flats another chance. Not that I'm becoming another fashion victim (yup, flats are so IN right now...!) A few months back I had to wear my trainer to a meeting because the only parking spot available was about 700 metres from the office building and I had to climb 6 flights of stairs. A manager who happened to be in the same meeting told me to keep a pair of flats in the car. (She gave the advise after laughing her head off watching me in office attire but wearing trainer!) It was not a pretty sight, I know... hehe.

The first time I wore the new flats was on a Saturday and it was grocery day. We drove to Giant with our shopping bags and I confidently put on my new flats and walked out of the car. After walking up to the first floor, I felt that the flats were biting my feet. I knew it's a bad sign and was suddenly thinking, oh no I forgot to bite these shoes after I bought it. Mr Hubby decided to have lunch and I was relieved for I got the chance to sit down. The flats were killing me by then. (And all these while I thought only heels could do that to women!)

After lunch it was already time to fetch my kids from their TaeKwonDo class. So, we drove to the school and came back to Giant to do our shopping. This time I took off the flats and put on my heels that I kept in the car. Yes, it was funny to buy groceries on a Saturday afternoon in a pair of 3 inch heels.

It took a few more blisters for me to feel comfortable in the new flats. Only today I decided to wear it to office. The good thing was, people noticed!! Yeay! The better thing was, people said I looked cute wearing it!! Double yeay!

I have about 1.5 hours more to go before I can decide that this pair of flats are not causing problems to my feet. I think I've walked more than 700 metres since morning, so far so good.
Way to go flats!


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