Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zarif is 10 months old

It feels so great waking up in the morning and hear him babbling while playing in the cot. He minds his own business. Sometimes he woke up before me but he just played with his toys. If he realized that I have opened my eyes, he would make some noise and stood up, indicating that he wanted milk. But he seldom cries. I guess he doesn't enjoy crying. Or perhaps, when he actually cried, we pretended that we didn't hear him. In the end, he gave up. So he'd rather scream at us whenever he needed something. 

If his elder brothers were this easy to care for, I think I probably have made at least 6 babies by now. But both Wazif and Shawqi were demanding babies. They craved for attention like they're the center of everything. 

Zarif is always in a good mood although he has started to show how stubborn he can be at times, he always respond to people around him. In a way, this is really good; I think he'll grow up to be an active and out going person. He is so the opposite of Shawqi, who loves to live in his own world. Give him a Lego set and you'll only hear his voice the next morning. He'll work on it until it's completed (and correctly done). 

If you've read any of the parenting books, it's so true that each child will have a different personality, way of thinking and behaviour even though they grow up in the same household. Well, I have a confession to make. I have never bought or read any of the parenting books or magazines - not even PaMa. I learned everything about child raising through trial and error and I really appreciate that. When we learned things the hard way, the lessons stay with us longer. There were a lot of tips given by family and relatives when the children were babies; some were useful but I did ignore a few that I thought would not be practical with my lifestyle. 

Some of my friends, while anxiously waiting for the arrival of their first babies were so afraid that their lives will turn upside down. Well, it's true. Babies and children will force you to make adjustments and this will go on for many years. Things will turn back to normal only when they've grown up and have their own life. But then, by that time you'll be begging them to stay with you as the idea of living in an empty nest is a lot scarier than having to care for 10 babies. So, will need adjustment again. 

I don't know why I'm suddenly touching on this parenting thing today. Perhaps it's because Zarif has started to show that he'll soon be more independent (yes, he can now stand unsupported. So that means he'll start walking soon). Boys detach themselves from their mothers much earlier than girls. I was able to go out, spend time with my girlfriends after work when Wazif was 5 and Shawqi 4 years old. They didn't really ask for me, especially when they could eat on their own. 

So, to all mothers out there, spend more time with the children. Enjoy their company and record their antics and development. Before you know it, they already have their own family to care for. And you'll be left with the guy you call husband, who probably would be more interested in golf and reading newspapers when you need somebody to talk to. 


eyna said...


i guess 2009 babies are easy to care for. my little aira doesnt make sound when she wakes up.. tapi yg bahayanya when she's sleeping with us. tau2 dah jatuh katil... adoiii...

Anonymous said...

Jatuh katil is still ok and acceptable. What's worrying is when babies tend to crawl away towards the doors or windows and, well, you know what can happen.

D.N.A.S said...

Zarif sleeps in his cot. All my children never slept with us on the bed because it's too small and too dangerous.

yes, last year I read a news about how a baby died after a fall from the 3rd floor. Apparently the window was opened (and I think it's not grilled). The baby crawled on the bed to the window and what happened next was a very heartbreaking ending.