Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Slim Jeans Story

My friends call them slim jeans. I call them checkpoint jeans. Most of my lady friends own at least a pair. Some of them have slim jeans, kebaya, little black dress and tight fitting tops. When we were younger, none of us ever admitted that we've been shopping and decided to grab jeans/dress/tops that was one or two dress size smaller thinking that we might fit wearing it one day.

I've done this since I was in secondary school but only have the guts to share the story with my friends during one of our coffee sessions after I joined the big three-oh club.

I bought a pair of jeans (which was one size smaller) when I was in form 5. It was very difficult wear, I had to wiggle like worms put on a hot tin roof in order to get in and out of my slim jeans. When I finally managed to zip it up, I'd be having breathing difficulties. So, I hung it in my wardrobe and every now and them I'd stare at it and told myself that I must be able to wear that jeans comfortably one day.

Well, that day never came. By the time I got married I still have that jeans stashed somewhere in the store room. I found it one day, tried to wiggle into it but it didn't even pass my thigh. So, I guess I must have outgrown it by 4 dress sizes by then, hehehe..

In 2006, again I bought a pair of jeans which was one size smaller. It was not planned to become another pair of slim jeans. We went to have lunch at KFC restaurant in Shah Alam and Wazif knocked down a cup filled with Mirinda Strawberry on me. My pants was soaked and I had no choice but to run to the nearest clothing store to get another pants. The nearest shop there happened to be Giordano, and they only sold young people's cloth. There was no plus size shop there. I told the shop assistant to find me a man's loose cut jeans. I was lucky I managed to put it on (albeit with great difficulty).

They didn't have anything bigger, so I bought that pair of jeans and wore it right away and put my Mirinda strawberry soaked pants in the shopping bag.
That was the only time I wore it. After a few months I did try to put it on but I couldn't even pull up he zipper.

I was thinking of giving it away, but not sure to who. My brothers are all taller than me and have bigger waists. My hubby has smaller waist. So the Giordano jeans stayed in my wardrobe along with my other plus sized work pants.

After I gave birth last year I gave it another try. Managed to zip up but it was too tight, I couldn't even lift my knees.

Between January and June 2010 I have been going to gym quite regularly and became more conscious of what I ate. My total weight loss during that period was 6kg. My work shirts became loose and I had to box many skirts and pants because whenever I wore them they always fell below my waistline and it was rather uncomfortable.

One Saturday morning, we were rushing to go out for breakfast. I just grab the first pants hanger I found in my wardrobe. My wardrobe desperately needed some lighting as I couldn't tell my dark coloured clothes one from another. So, I just put on the jeans I took out, zip it up and walked out of my room to find my tudung I left in the ironing room. Now this room is facing sunrise and it's always very bright in the morning. Then I realized the colour of my jeans. I thought I put on one of the Marks and Spencer's stretchable jeans, but I only had them in dark blue and black. The one I had on was indigo. So, I turned around and checked the label on my back. It was THAT Giordano jeans! Well, what I did next was soooooo predictable. I quickly ran into my room and took out my old measuring tape to get another confirmation that I was in fact SMALLER by one dress size. Hehe.. It was so funny as my topic of conversation for that whole week revolved around 'my slim jeans that finally fits'. I wore that same jeans for 3 weeks before I decided to wash it (and I prayed hard it wouldn't shrink the moment I took it out of the washing machine).

So, my dear lady friends.... keep those slim jeans/LBD/top/kebaya and try them on at least once a month. You'll be motivated to work out and eat healthily. I know how good it felt when they finally fit.

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