Monday, September 27, 2010

The losing big program starts (again) today...

I was having a serious discussion about losing all the fat accumulated during puasa and Raya with my colleague this afternoon .... in front of two large plates of pasta at Italiannies. It was either the conversation or the bread we had before the main course that we didn't manage to finish our pasta, so had to pack them. I'll be having those healthy pasta for dinner tonight. Besides the cheese, I consider pasta a healthy choice for lunch and dinner (and sometimes breakfast.. hehe).

We were discussing the best places for running. My colleague preferred the Kiara Park at TTDI while I had to be happy with running on the treadmills. My neighbourhood is not so safe for jogging and there's no recreational park in Puchong. The nearest is in Bukit Jalil.

Then we went on and on and on about the sinful foods we had during raya. My colleague was complaining that she became tired easily now and could feel her fitness level had gone down a few notches. While I could feel the extra fat building up around my mid section and thighs. I didn't dare taking my own measurement since Ramadhan, I knew I've gained whatever that's lost back in June 2010. However, the funny thing is, my weight maintains. I suspect I've also lost some of the muscles I built a few months back in all those BodyCombat and BodyPump classes. How sad...

So, now it's time to start working out and eating right again. Starting again is just as difficult as starting to be health conscious the first time. We have to take the same route but might not start at the same point. There's renewed commitment to ourselves and closer monitoring this time.

And, as if it was a sign from God, when we were walking towards the AutoPay station, I saw one of Biggest Loser Asia's participants from the first season (I think he's one of the finalists) walking with his family. I was quite sure it was him because he has this really sweet smile which was easy to recognize. However, I was surprised looking at his body. I remembered he managed to lose quite a lot of weight during the final weigh-in. Looking at him this afternoon, I thought he's gained about half of whatever he's lost back then. My colleague didn't notice him when I asked whether she saw the guy. So, I was left wondering all by myself. The BLA Season 1 ended less than a year ago... what has happened to this guy? If I slack, am I going to be just like him? Oh noooo... all the hardwork would go down the drain.... Yikes!

With that worry and realization, I committed to myself that I AM going to the gym this afternoon, right after work. Good thing is, my boss isn't here to call me up for late meetings that might take my gym time. Hooray!!!


Anonymous said...

Dayang!!! aku teringin nak gi bukit yg kat Bkt jalil tu. jom !!! takde kawan laaa

D.N.A.S said...

aku dah 4 tahun tak pegi taman tu. Bila weekend memang ramai orang. Aku nak pegi weekdays tak sempat la pulak, kan. By the time aku sampai kat situ mesti dah Maghrib.