Monday, September 20, 2010

My last day of cuti and my aching back

Huwarrghhh !!! Esok keje!

Didn't managed to write about my raya stories in the previous entry as I suffered a terrible backache since 2 days ago. I don't remember exactly how it started but I've been having stiff neck and left arms for a few days. Since Zarif was sick, he had high fever and he only wanted me to carry him. So, I have been carrying him around the house day and night. Even when we went back to kampung, he was stuck with me, in my arms. He can be very demanding when he's not feeling well.

So, after more than 4 days of carrying him around (he's about 11kg now), my body started to complain. The stiff neck and left arm lasted for 2 days. When Zarif started to show a lot of improvement (the kudis was gone and no more fever) we decided to spend one late afternoon playing football and his brothers cycled in front of the house. I was kicking the ball against the wall when suddenly a shot of pain on my back stopped me from moving.  A few seconds later, I felt ok. So, I pushed Zarif's stroller for a 200 meter walk before I started jogging. I was also racing with Wazif and Shawqi until it was almost Maghrib.

After taking a quick shower, I tried to reach for my towel when another sharp pain almost made me scream in the toilet. I couldn't stand up straight after that. It took me a few minutes just to towel myself and get out of the bathroom. I tried sitting on the edge of my bed, but the pain worsened. Then I decided to walk slowly towards my wardrobe, took out my clothes and also the back support I was wearing when I was pregnant last year. I managed to stand up straight and walked after putting on the back support .

I went to prepare dinner and had a few guests that night. I could walk around the house, did the usual chores but I couldn't lift Zarif. I couldn't even bend over to pick up things lying on the floor.

After the guests left, I decided to lie down and straightened my body. That night I slept with the back support on. For the next two days I couldn't bend over or sit for a long time, or walk normally. I didn't dare to carry Zarif. He was seeking for my attention (as usual) but I had to ask his brothers to play with him and Mr Hubby to take care of him.

This afternoon I went to see the doctor and she inspected my back. She pressed on a few points, the left side of my butt hurt the most, I gasped when she found the spot. Later she confirmed it's caused by tensed muscle. When I told her about carrying Zarif, the stiff neck and left arm she told me she'd prescribe me with some muscle relieving medicines.

After the long chit chat with the Doctor, I left her room, collected my meds and paid at the counter. Just when I was about to reach home I remembered that I FORGOT TO ASK FOR MC for tomorrow. Yikes, I'll have to go to office and walk like Robocop tomorrow!!!! Haiyyaaaa!!!

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