Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My countdown to 2011

I'm doing this countdown to 2011. I don't know why but I love celebrating special dates, be it birthdays, anniversaries, dates with special numbers, new years etc. For 10.10.10 I put up as many Facebook status that started with 'On 10.10.10.....' Some people think it's stupid to do special things to mark dates such as 10.10.10 but I enjoyed doing it. I think I don't have enough celebrations in my life, I need to add more.
My countdown for 1.1.11 is putting up 20 of my favorite song lyrics on my Facebook status. Most of them are old songs. What do you expect, I spent my teenage years in the late 80s. ;) hehehe..

On 27th Dec, I put up these songs:

#20- Kesetiaan sebagai bekalan,
Bisikanmu penuh pengharapan
Tiada garis dapat memisahkan,
Segalanya kudratmu Tuhan.

Srikandi Cintaku is such a nostalgic song. It was one of the earliest Rock Kapak songs that became a hit. M. Nasir composed this song and he even re-recorded it in about 10 years ago.

#19- Betapa aku, lemah di sini,
Melihat cinta ini pergi,
Di sini bermula bicara, terpedaya
Dan bicara itu membunuhnya.

I sang this song in a concert at school in 1990. My schoolmates started calling me Rahmat or Mat after that. We were only lip syncing but it was great fun.

#18- Bukannya aku tewas dalam perjuangan,
Membelai impian,
Sebentar tadi aku, lihat sinar matamu,
Lihat sinar matamu.

I actually planned to sing this song with the live band on my brother's wedding but my friend requested me to sing Harum Subur di Hati. So, I sang the latter although I rehearsed this song about 50 times.

#17- Gerimispun reda, angin syahdu
Bawa berita
Kau telah tiada lagi
Pulang ke hadratNya.
Tiada dapat kulihat dan dengar
Lagi wajah dan kata terakhirmu
Kumeratap pilu...
- Sheila Majid

Gerimis Semalam was THE saddest song in the early 90s. Girls would listen to it and cried their hearts out after their relationships ended or someone dear died.

#16- Kumencari kembali pohon hijau yang rendang,
Di situlah kita berteduh.
Dan sungainya bertali arus air mengalir.
Dijadikan perlambangan,
Tanda setianya percintaan
Dua insan.
-Francessca Peters

Aku Hanya Pendatang was popular in 1986, I was in standard 6. It was my favorite as I thought it was the most beautiful song ever written and sung by our songbird of the 80s. 

On 28th Dec, I put up these songs:

#15- you gave me wings and made me fly,
You touched my hand I could touch the sky,
I lost my faith you gave it back to me,
You said no star was out of reach.
You stood by me and I stood tall,
I had your love, I had it all...
-Celine Dion

I listened to this song over and over again during my Uni days, on my walkman in the library. Many of us were so vulnerable those years, so in need of beautiful words such as these to keep our spirits high. 

‎#14- You'll remember me somehow,
Though you don't need me now,
I will stay in your heart,
And when things fall apart,
You'll remember one day....
- MJ

I learned English by memorising this song. I remember sitting next to the radio with a pen and paper to copy the words. Luckily it was played quite often in the early 80s. So, I managed to copy all of the words in just a day.

#13- It's late in the evening,
She's wondering what cloth to wear,
She puts on her make up,
And brushes her long blond hair
-Eric Clapton

This is  beautiful song about a husband's feelings towards his wife. In my early Uni days, every boyfie was dedicating this song to their girlfie, so it was phenomenal. 

#12- It's a long road
When you face the world alone
No one reaches out a hand For you to hold

You can find love If you search within yourself 
And the emptiness you felt Will disappear
-Mariah Carey

Another song to lift my spirit during my difficult Uni days (especially exam week) and soul searching periods.

#11- Maafkanlah ku tak bisa hidup tanpa kamu
Fahamilah ku tak mampu terus tanpa kamu
Bagaimana ku nanti
Bila tiada mengganti
Yang ku ada hanya kamu saja
-Faizal Tahir

I am not a fan of Faizal Tahir, this was the first song from him that really caught my attention. I hope he wins AJL this year.

On 29th Dec I put up these songs:

#10 - Sometimes I wanna give up, I wanna give in, I wanna quit the fight
And then I see you baby, and everything's alright, everything's alright
- Bad English

One of my friends dedicated this song to me. So 'tak larat', ok. I went in front of the mirror and checked my smile. 

#9- you can change your friends,
your place in life
you can change your mind
we can change the things we say
and do it anytime
oh no, but I think you'll find
that when you look inside your heart
oh baby, I'll be there
-Van Halen

When my late father had a heart attack and was admitted to the ICU in 1995 I rushed to Mentakab Hospital and only had Van Halen and Wings cassettes together with my walkman. I slept in the hospital to accompany my mom and was listening to this song over and over again while studying for my exam. I sat for my exams the following week. 

#8- Yang amat mengharukan
Kalimahmu luahan dalam
Bukan sekadar puisi ciptaan
tapi tulus ikhlas dan kesungguhan ..oh
-Wings feat Mel

This was one of the songs in the Wings cassette that I brought to the hospital (refer #9).

#7- Aku terikat tanpa tali
Aku berdiri tanpa bumi
Aku berkata tanpa suara
Aku menangis tanpa airmata
- Wings

I sang this verse at the top of my lungs when I need to let some steam off. The screaming part in the last line is very important. This helps me keep my sanity.

#6- Keraguan Ini Bukanlah Padamu
Perasaan Hati Masih Rindu
Kekalutan Ini Hanyalah Untukku
Tercari-Cari Bayanganmu
-Anuar Zain

I went to watch the movie Cinta with a friend who just told me that she's getting divorced. I was devastated. When I heard this song played during the movie, I cried. 

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